How to get Spotify new applications?

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t’s for sure that Spotify is such a popular name that doesn’t even need a description. Still just for kick starting the article, we can start with some information. Spotify is considered to be one of the most popular digital music service platform that enhance the users with an access to millions of songs. Users can listen to the song of their choice by just clicking in the specified option. Once clicked, there you go!


Frankly speaking, Spotify has a huge fan base mainly owing to the user friendly features and the ease with which the users can listen to songs from this music streaming service. The latest news that is making headlines as of now includes the launch of own applications by Spotify. The launch seems to be inevitable for Spotify taking in to consideration the fact that it is has gained the reputation of being the second most popular music streaming service after iTunes.


How to get Spotify new applications?


The latest launch of Spotify apps is sure to create waves in the industry circles! But the fact remains that it is going to be a huge hit. Spotify has done what it has to do at the right time. And they have never failed to achieve user satisfaction.


The Good news is perhaps that now the third party developers have the space for constructing HTML apps by making use of the Javascript API. All those creative developers out there can develop apps, but the only thing is that those developers will have to convince Spotify also before being released on that platform.





The apps that are expected to be launched include

  • The Guardian


  • Songkick

  • Pitchfork

  • Billboard

  • Soundrop

  • Top10


Most of the analysts are concerned about the extent of success Spotify can gain by moving towards Spotify apps. But the fact is that with 2.5 million paying subscribers, they are definitely going to get a good start.





In order to get the Spotify new applications, the following steps have to be followed;

  • Spotify will ask the apps providers to visit and access your account so that they get a glimpse of your uses such as the last song that was played by you as well as your playlists.

  • This helps the apps providers to identify your interests and provide the apps accordingly.


Spotify For BlackBerry

  • Spotify Premium subscription is needed.

  • Compatible with devices such as Blackberry 9780 Bold, Blackberry 9700 bold, 9300 curve, 8520 Curve and 9000 Bold.


It’s pretty sure that the release of Spotify apps is expected to generate stiff competition with the iTunes apps. But a healthy competition is the key for future innovations and transformations.

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