How to get Zune to work on Mac?

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Most of the users think that it is quite impossible to make Zune work with Apple based Mac OS X considering the fact that Zune was introduced by Microsoft as a digital media player that is compatible with the Windows machines. But the reality is that making use of Zune on Mac OS X is very well possible. Here, the users will have to take the complete advantage of ready-to-install Boot Camp program that has been especially designed for Mac OS X.

So what a Boot Camp Really is?

Boot Camp helps in partitioning the hard drive as well as helps extensively in the installation of any of the Windows Operating System. One of the important requirements is that users should make use of Windows Service Pack 3 or later as far as Zune is concerned.

How to get Zune to work on Mac?

The following steps have to be followed in a step by step manner without fail;

  • Go to Apple Support website for Boot Camp

  • Download the latest update that is compatible with the computer that the user possesses. For more clarity, the users are advised to check resources

  • Users will have to restart their computer

  • Log In as an Administrator

  • In the home screen of users Apple Mac Computer, they will have to select the icon titled ‘Macintosh HD’

  • Inside the icon, users can see an option titled ‘Applications’ that will be present on the left side of the window

  • Click ‘Applications’

  • Then Click ‘Utilities’

  • In Utilities, click ‘Boot Camp’

  • Now the users can see that ‘ The Boot Camp Assistant Program Window’ pops up on the screen

  • In the window, users will have to click ‘Continue’ in order to continue the Windows 7 installation processes

  • The circle that separates the amount of hard drive space for both Mac OS X as well as Windows 7 has to be clicked and should be kept on hold

  • Navigating the circle towards left will increase the space for Windows 7

  • Similarly moving the circle towards right will increase the hard drive space for Mac OS X

  • Click on ‘Partition’

  • Put Windows 7 installation disc on the optical drive of your computer

  • Then click ‘Start Installation’

  • Computer restarts loading the installation files of Windows 7 and it takes approximately up to a maximum of 45 minutes

  • Select Language

  • Select Time

  • Select Keyboard Settings

  • Click Next

  • Again Click ‘Install Now’

  • Then select ‘BOOTCAMP’

  • Click Next

  • Now Windows 7 will start installation and finally windows 7 will boot up on the set up screen

  • In Set up screen, users will have to enter username as well as password and the product key and finally clicking OK will take them to the Windows 7 Home Screen

  • Remove the Windows 7 installation disc

Once the process is finished, the users will now have to:

  • Place the Mac OS X installation disc

  • The user will now be welcomed by a ‘Boot Camp Installer’

  • Click ‘Next’

  • Accept the license agreement after reading if the user wishes to move forward

  • Check mark the box that helps in the Apple update for Windows

  • Click Install

  • The required drivers will be installed

  • Once the installation is complete, restart the computer

  • Now the users will have to click the ‘Option’ button

  • Select ‘Windows 7’

  • Click ‘Enter’

Now the users will have to

  • Open a new browser

  • Download the Zune Software

  • Install the Zune software

  • It provides users access to the Zune Market Place

  • Now open the Zune software

  • Connect Zune Player to the user’s computer

  • Now the users will have to finally set up their device on to the computer

Now the users can make Zune work on their Apple Mac computer.

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