How to hide files for protecting them?

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Let’s just assume that there are a few private stuffs, or formally “confidential files” in your personal computer which you don’t want others to see. You can use the basic operating system feature to hide the files. But those files can be visible to others if they just select the ‘show all hidden files’ option. A more safe and effective alternative is given below.


You might think the traditional “Right Click and Hide” from the Properties of folders is easy. But someone else can easily reverse that and see the hidden files. You can also use the Zip or RAR technique by which you can Zip or RAR a file and then protect it with a secret password. That’s one of the conventional methods. The alternative we provide in this article is quite simple, secure and pretty secretive as well.


Use any of these freeware applications to get the job done.


  • Hide Folders

  • Iron Privacy Folder

  • Folder Protector

  • Encrypt Files




Hide Folders app


How to hide files for protecting them?



This is the simplest application available for getting the job done just like that. Just select all the folders you want to hide, and that’s it. The Hide Folders app itself can be password protected so that no one other than you can use this app to reveal everything you have hidden. Even if this software is accessed via short cuts or by any means, it will prompt for the password which only you know.


Iron Privacy Folder



This app is also simple to use, not to mention that it doesn’t consume much space or RAM. This app hides any folders you want to hide, and if someone other than you tries to access them without you knowing it, the Iron Privacy Folder app will deflect or redirect the access to Control Panel.


This is done by this app only if there is a “View Hidden Files and Folder” option in Windows. The disadvantage is that the app cannot be password protected like in Hide Folders app. Anyone can open this app and reveal the folders you have hidden, if they know where to look for it, which wouldn’t take too many guesses.



Folder Protector



This app can be protected with a password.

The steps are as follows:


  • Open the Folder Protector

  • Select the folders you want to hide

  • Select “Hide the Folders” in the end after selecting all the files to be hidden.


You will be able to see the hidden and visible folders once you open this app, which only you can do as others require a password to open the app. The folders can be accessed only through this app.


Encrypt Files


Although the name sounds quite geeky, this app is a walk in the park. As in Hide Folders, you can password protect this app as well. Without the password, no one can access, hide or unhide any files from your PC’s hard disk.


This software allows encryption of directories only and not drives. By encryption, it means making things hard to find. If you don’t know anything about encryption, just select any encryption type and it will be done. You will be able to reverse it as well. This app can split the original files into fragments and lock them with a password of your choice.

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