How to improve Facebook page traffic - part 2?

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Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites. However everyone who has a Facebook profile will like to have more followers and higher page traffic. It is quite inevitable that users will have to follow certain techniques to improve as well as increase the Facebook page traffic.

Some of the techniques are given as follows;

Post to the Facebook page wall from the browser

Hootsuite Firefox addon can be considered as one of the best available tools for scheduling the users Facebook page updates directly from the browser itself.

  • Install the Hootsuite Firefox Addon

  • Users will now be able to see a nice little button in their browser toolbar

  • Whenever the user wishes to share anything online, they will just have to click the button which in turn will grab the URL of the specific page

  • It will result in the generation of snippet, page title as well as thumbnail

Post and schedule Page Wall updates through Email

Users can edit the posting of the users page wall through e-mail by following the below mentioned steps;

  • Go to Edit Page

  • Select Mobile

  • Then click on Edit

  • The e-mail address should be kept private

How to improve Facebook page traffic - part 2?


Updating of the user’s fan page by means of e-mail is of greater importance when the users are away and are in a position to use only mobile phones.

  • It has to be noted that e-mail subject will be used as the ‘Updated Status’

  • The technique can be still considered as a great means of sharing news with the users page whenever they are away from the computer

  • The method is also helpful in sending photos as well as videos that are taken with the user’s mobile

Tag and Credit Members on the Page Wall

It is always preferable for the users to appreciate the entire users page ‘Likers’ that will help in quickly increasing the page engagement as well as the brand credibility.

How to improve Facebook page traffic - part 2?

For achieving this, users will just have to follow two steps;

  • Share the links of the user’s fans

  • Tag the users in the update

Collect and Share Social Testimonials: Facebook Notes

  • Users can collect as well as share Twitter testimonials by making use of Notes RSS Import Feature in the Facebook

Users will have to follow the below mentioned steps;

  • Users will have to collect the positive feedback as well as tweets related to the user’s brand in Twitter

How to improve Facebook page traffic - part 2?

  • Import them to Facebook

    • Click on ‘Edit Page’

    • Users will then have to click the ‘Notes’ application

    • Select ‘Edit’

    • Now the users will be able to see a link towards the right side titled ‘Edit Import Settings’

    • Click on that option

    • Users can now provide their favorites RSS Feed there

    • Finally click on ‘Start Importing’ button

    • The importing has been successfully completed

This is how users can improve their Facebook Page Traffic.

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