How to insert photographs from Photobucket to Craiglist?

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Most of the users will be eager to know the method of selling their products by uploading the image of the product to the Craiglist Ad from the Photobucket. One of the main problems that the users encounter while selling their photos in the Craiglist ad site includes the presence of less clearer images that can hamper the buyer’s likings.

Craiglist is an advertisement website where the users can post the image of the item they wish to sell online. The interested people will take a close look at the image of the item that the users have posted on the website and will contact the user. The users must have a Craiglist account.

How to insert photographs from Photobucket to Craiglist?

Photobucket seems to be the only solution forward. Now, you might be wondering what Photobucket is all about? Photobucket is nothing but a photo sharing website that the users can opt for storing the image of those items that they wish to sell on Craiglist.

Now let’s take a close look at the procedures that has to be followed in order to insert photographs from Photobucket on to the Craig List.

Basic Requirements

  • Craiglist account

  • Photobucket account



  • Users will have to create a new account on Photobucket

  • Create a separate Craiglist account

  • Take pictures of the items that users wish to sell

  • Upload on to Photobucket

  • It is desirable to arrange the photos on to different albums for better organization of user’s photos

  • Now the users will be directed towards the ‘thumbnails’ of their photos

  • Scroll the mouse towards the photo that the users have uploaded

  • Users can see a window that appears below the photo

  • Copy the highlighted HTML code

  • If the user wish to edit the photo, they will have to double-click on to the image and now they will be directed towards a different page

  • The users can now see the HTML code being represented on the left side of the screen

  • Click once

  • HTML code will automatically get copied


  • Now the users will have to return to their Craiglist account

  • Post the image that users wishes to sell

  • Give a brief description about the item that the users wish to sell

  • Now paste the HTML code from that of the Photobucket

  • Now the users can see that their ads just got bigger and clearer and those users who wishes to buy the product can now take a closer look at the image of the item that is about to be sold


This is how the users can insert photographs from Photobucket on to the Craig list.

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