How to install Bluetooth mouse to your laptop?

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Bluetooth has become an integral part of the technological devices that includes laptop as well as smartphones and mobile phones. Even tablets also make use of Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth enables the users with high speed transfer of data from the specified device to another device.


One of the major advantages of using the Bluetooth technology is its user friendly characteristics. The latest being the implementation of Bluetooth mouse that helps the users in navigating the functions of the laptop. The emergence of Bluetooth mouse has eliminated the need for optical mouse that came with a slot connection and wires.


Smoother navigation is another advantage of Bluetooth enabled mouse. Similarly Bluetooth mouses are comfortable and easily portable. Let’s take a close look at the installation of Bluetooth mouse in your laptop.


How to install Bluetooth mouse to your laptop?


The following steps have to be followed in order to install the Bluetooth mouse to your laptop.

  • Users will have to make sure whether the laptop is Bluetooth enabled.

  • Bluetooth compatibility is utmost important in the laptop in which the installation has to be done.

  • Users can do themselves in their laptop.

  • Or else it is better to consult a technical expert.


Users can follow these steps in order to ensure whether your laptop has Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Click the Start Menu.

  • Select All Programs option.

  • In that, click Software Setup option.

  • Users will be able to see options like Hardware Enabling Drivers and Software Application Boxes. Both of them have to be unchecked.

  • Press the ‘+ ‘button that is present next to the Hardware Enabling Drivers.

  • Users can see the Bluetooth option present among a list of applications.

  • Click the Bluetooth option.

  • Click the Next Button.

  • Finally choose Finish to complete the installation.





The following steps have to be done in order to enable your Bluetooth mouse.

  • Please ensure that the Bluetooth mouse you have, supports Bluetooth 2.0 or higher technology.

  • Users will have to make sure that they insert compatible batteries in their Bluetooth mouse. The reason for using batteries in the mouse is because Bluetooth mouse lack the presence of a power socket.

  • The Wireless button present in the mouse has to be turned on in order to activate the Bluetooth device.




  • By making use of the Hardware installation wizard, users will have to complete the installation.

  • Turn on the Bluetooth button present in your Bluetooth mouse.

  • Now the Bluetooth mouse will be detected by the laptop.

  • On the screen of the user’s laptop, users can see a mouse icon.

  • From the icon, users will have to select the “Pair Device” option.

  • Users will have to complete the set up process by following the steps that appears on the screen.

  • The procedure varies accordingly, as per the operating system of your laptop.


By performing theses steps you will easily and successfully installed Bluetooth mouse on your laptop.


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