How to install Opera mini browser on Blackberry phone?

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How to install Opera mini browser on Blackberry phone?



Opera mini browser is a typical browser which will help you have the most exciting web experience with your Black berry mobile phones. It ensures faster internet access. The company ensures similar comfort which you will find in any desktop.


Opera mini browser offers unique scrolling and zooming experience and also displays the complete WebPages on the screen. It loads WebPages very quickly and also provides additional features such as touchscreen control and address bar along with short cut keys.








Opera mini browser can be installed to your BlackBerry handsets with ease. The steps involved are:


  • You have to enter into for starting the process.

  • You will find an option which says to download Opera for phones and tablets, click on that option and you will enter into another webpage.

  • It should be noticed that you have enter into the link from your BlackBerry mobile phone, not from the desktop.

  • In the link you will find download links with signature, please avoid using such links.

  • You have to download the unsigned version

  • After downloading the link, you have to open the BlackBerry settings for further proceedings.

  • In the BlackBerry settings click the button which says ‘Options’

  • In ‘Options’ you will find something a key which says ‘Advance Option’ and you have to click on that.

  • In ‘Advance option’ there is a button known as TCP which need to be clicked open to enter ‘APN’ value.

  • For ‘APN’ value you have to open ‘help Page’ and find out the APN internet settings for the particular mobile service you are availing.







That is all what you require doing. Now, Opera mini browser is all yours. You can experience the most brilliant web browsing experience. The only thing you require to keep in mind is that you can keep the user name and password option blank if you could not find any APN value in the Opera help site.


Moreover some handsets might ask for a PIN code just before you proceed with the configuration procedure; in such cases you require to provide the standard PIN which is all the time ‘111’.


Opera mini is a brilliantly developed browser which can offer you far above the ground web browsing experience and it is preferred for your latest BlackBerry handsets as it can offer all those facilities which you were waiting for till this time.

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