How to install OS-X Lion on any PC?

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With popularity for the Apple based Mac computers gaining momentum, more and more users are changing to the Mac platform. One of the major challenges that most of the users are facing is the expensiveness of Apple devices. It never comes with an affordable price tag. Now the users are increasingly thinking of using the Mac OS-X Lion on the personal computer.

Legally, Apple does not support any products developed by them in other devices. Apple has created their own eco system and they do not share their applications with any other devices other than Apple. If the user goes ahead in installing the Mac OS-X Lion on any personal computer that is not of the Apple brand, then the users have to recognize that they are doing it at their own risk.

Installing Mac OS-X Lion operating system in another personal computer that is of another manufacturer will be considered as a violation of the End-User Agreement. The violation of the agreement results in the warranty getting void as well as no further technical support will be provided for the user by Apple. If you still want to try it out, here it is how!

How to install OS-X Lion on any PC?

The following steps have to be followed

  • Copy the Lion installation file.

  • Copy the Kakewalk also to the desktop of the Macintosh.

  • Run the Kakewalk utility.

  • Then Click Install to a USB stick.

  • The users will be navigated to another screen where they will have to select the location of the Lion DMG File.

  • The destination should be USB Stick.

  • Once done, click the “Create” button.

The Kakewalk utility functions are given as follows

  • It formats the USB stick.

  • The Lion DMG Image is mounted.

  • Installer files are copied to the USB stick.

  • Renaming the USB stick as Kakewalk.

The second phase includes the following steps to be followed

  • Insert the USB stick in to your Personal Computer.

  • Navigate to BIOS.

  • Convert the Boot Priority to USB HDD.

  • If you are able to find the HPET Mode option, it will prompt you to opt for either 32-bit mode as well as 64-bit mode.

  • Select Enable (64-bit).

  • ACPI suspended type should be given S3 (STR).

  • Hard Drive should be AHCI Enabled.

  • Save the BIOS settings.

  • Now Close the BIOS Settings.

The third phase includes the following steps

  • Restart the personal computer.

  • Now boot from the USB stick.

  • Users can see a welcome screen that denotes Kakewalk’s EFI Bootloader.

  • Select the Kakewalk.

  • Then Press Enter.


How to install OS-X Lion on any PC?

This will take the users to a long waiting process in which users can see lines of text characters that are scrolling continuously. Finally after a long time, users will be landed in the Lion Installation.

If the Lion installation has failed due to some errors, it is desirable to check internet for a specific solution.

In the fourth phase, the following steps have to be followed

  • After following a few instructions, users will reach a screen in their personal computer with Install Mac OS X denoted on the screen.

  • Below that you can see an option titled, Select the disk where you want to install the Mac OS X Lion.

  • Users will have to click Utilities.

  • Then click Disk Utility.

The partition for the Mac OS X is started.

  • Users will have to select the preferred Hard Drive that is present on the left side.

  • Then Click Partition that is present on the right side.

  • Select ‘1 partition’ from the volume scheme.

  • Name the partition.

  • Mac OS Extended (Journaled) format type has to be selected.

  • The users will then have to select GUIDE Partition Table from the Options Tab.

  • Press Apply and proceed ahead with formatting.

  • Exit the disk utility.

How to install OS-X Lion on any PC?

Users will have to proceed ahead with the installation. It may take a maximum of 30 minutes and finally the personal computer will reboot.

At the time of rebooting, it’s preferable to choose from the Hard Drive. Don’t boot from the USB stick. Users can proceed to the next installation steps once the booting is completed.

Finally the User has arrived at the default Lion Desktop!

The final steps include installing the boot loader to the hard drive. The following steps have to be followed in order to install the boot loader.

  • Locate the USB stick with the help of Mac OS-X Finder.

  • Open it.

  • Click Kakewalk.

  • Run the utility.

  • Then Click Install to computer icon.

  • Then Click Start Installation option.

  • Again reboot the machine.

  • Boot loader is installed and is capable of booting the personal computer from the corresponding hard drive.

And here it is! Your favorite Mac OS X Lion is successfully installed on your personal computer.

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