How to Keep your Phone Charged in a Power Cut?

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How to Keep your Phone Charged in a Power Cut?

The recent Sandy hurricane had caused sever power outage in the U.S. This took gadget users to a condition where there was no connectivity or even charge left on their devices. Such natural disasters do not happen very often. Even if it does happen once in a while, you can stay prepared for facing the worst case scenario. In this article we take a look at some of ways by which you can find enough power to charge up your phone in case a power outage strikes your city. 

Battery Charger

It is always recommended to purchase a back up charger for your smartphone or tablet. You never know when these chargers can come handy. Battery chargers are available for purchase for less than $100. Such chargers can also function as protective cases for your tablets or smartphones. Most battery charges are capable of providing several full charges.

This will ensure that your devices are up and running for at least a week without direct power supply. There are also chargers which use solar power. These are the best in the lot and can help you get through the most difficult power outages. Installing battery chargers on your car is another smart move. You can use the battery of your car to charge your mobile devices during the power outage.

Power inverter

These equipments can come handy if the power outage lasts for more than a week or so. You can not only charge your smartphones and tablets but also power up your laptops and PC during power outages by using power inverters. Most computer stores offer power inverters in a wide range of power units. You can get one which suits your power requirements.

Laptop as backup charger

If you have been smart enough to fully charge your laptops while there is still power then you might be able to power up your mobile devices for a while using them. If you want to sustain power and use it economically then don’t use the laptops for performing tasks while facing a power outage. Use it just for charging smartphones and tablets. These mobile devices can be charged by connecting to the USB ports present in the laptops via USB cables.

Avoid the apps usage

It is a known fact that apps consume a whole lot of battery charge. So if you are facing a power outage then it is preferable to avoid the entertainment offered by apps. Make sure that there are no apps running in the background. Background apps drain battery charger much faster. Do not forget to disable Wi-fi as it also consumes a whole lot of power. You can also reduce the screen brightness in order to save battery.

Use a battery-life app

There are a lot of free apps available for Android and Apple devices which help users to save precious battery life. These apps do not consume much power and monitor the power usage of the phone. They also take steps to ensure that a good amount of power is saved. These battery saving apps will also recommend which apps to delete in order to save power.

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