How to know the latest Facebook Apps?

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Lots of Facebook apps are now floating around both integrated and built- in inside Facebook as well as those you can use with Facebook log in details on different OS like android, iOS, Windows and so on. Now how do you track all those and choose the ones you need. Facebook app center is the solution. It is a one stop destination for knowing all Facebook apps.

Facebook App Center is not something similar to the Apple App Store or Google Play. It is not a platform where you can buy apps. It is an app information aggregator portal, where you can know about all the types of Facebook apps available in different app stores like Apple Store and Google Play. Facebook app center will also guide users to other third party app stores too to access and buy those Facebook apps.

How to know the latest Facebook Apps?


  • Facebook App Center would be a place where the users will not only find the integrated apps built on Facebook but also the list of those apps that makes use of Facebook Login irrespective of the operating system on which it runs. Two main types of apps are:

    • Apps built on Facebook are those apps which can be viewed as well as can be used only within the Facebook. site which have a special page within that of Facebook from where they can load the app.

    • There are also certain apps that are integrated with Facebook for login as well as other social features but might be built on external platforms such as android or iOS. These apps are called Facebook Integrated Apps. Examples include ‘Draw Something’ app as well as ‘Pinterest’ app.

  • But this does not mean that you will be able to download those apps from Facebook App Center. Once you select the app which you would wish to buy, this new feature will direct the person to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for downloading those apps.

Facebook App Center is expected to be released soon across the web and android as well as iOS Facebook apps.

How to know the latest Facebook Apps?

How it looks like?

  • Facebook App Center will look almost like Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store

  • Each of the app will come with a detailed page followed by five-star user rating

  • There will also be sections for;

    • Recommended Apps

    • Friends Apps

    • Top Apps

    • Trending Apps

    • Top-grossing Apps

Facebook App Center is all set to provide a very good platform for promoting mobile apps which makes use of Facebook irrespective of whether they are using android, iOS. Now let us have this anxious wait unless Facebook App Center is released officially.

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