How to make a movie with windows movie maker

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Windows Movie Maker in many ways provides the users with an opportunity to make movies with ease. Now let’s take a close look at the procedures in order to develop a movie by means of Windows movie maker. Easiest way will be to work on existing movie files and add your own effects to customize the movie the way you wants it.

How to make a movie with windows movie maker

The users should follow these below mentioned steps in a step by step manner.

  • Users will have to first open their movie file

  • Then click ‘import video’ tab

  • The process will take some time taking in to consideration the file size of the file or movie

  • From the bottom of the window, users will have to select and drag the different sets of clips that they have taken from the ‘storyboard’

  • In order to add more specialized video effects, users will have to click the ‘video effects’ tab that is being represented on the left side of the window

  • Select the effects that the user wish to implement

  • Then place the effect that the users have selected on to the star that is represented at the corner side of the clip

  • In order to add more transitions, users will have to opt for the ‘view video transitions’ tab that is present on the left side of the panel

  • Then move the desired video transition and drag it on to the ‘storyboard’

  • Then users will have to place them in the middle of the storyboard box

  • Users can make sure that they are able to view the transitions by clicking on them

  • The users can now watch them on the left portion of the screen

How to make a movie with windows movie maker

  • At the bottom of the screen, users can see an option titled ‘Timeline’

  • Timeline can be used by the user in order to add or remove the clips or music

  • By selecting the half triangle that is represented at the side of the clip, users can cut the time from the clip and can move it how long they want in the scene

  • If the user want others to only listen to the music, they will have to mute the camera

  • Then users will have to go to ‘import audio or music’

  • Select the song that the users wish to have

  • Bring the selected song to the timeline by means of dragging

  • Now the users can add credits by navigating towards the empty bar that is present on the form

  • Users can either place credits or can place the movie title over there

  • The left side represents ‘Directors’ as well as Producers’ etc

  • The right side denotes the actors who plays the lead role in the movie

  • When the users clicks the time line, users will then be able to watch the time lines regarding;

    • Song

    • Title

    • Clips

    • Effects

    • Transition


How to make a movie with windows movie maker

  • Now the users can watch the movie by clicking the ‘Play’ button that is represented on the left panel of the screen

  • After watching the movie, if the user is satisfied with the way the movie has been made, then the user will have to click ‘Save to My Computer’

  • Users can also save it to the CD or DVD if they wish to do so

That’s it! Now users can watch with much excitement the movie they have made. Thanks to Windows Movie Maker.

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