How to make animated GIF Image?

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You might have come across an animated GIF image somewhere in the Internet, most likely when you search for images in Google. Animated GIF images are those images which open in a browser and play a small animation in a loop, never stopping. That is, the image won’t be still. GIF images can make most websites, in which they are present, slow.


It was quite difficult to make it a few years back, but now you can create one on your own, by animating your own art, but with the help of a few websites. It’s simple though. The tools that you can use to create a GIF image are


  • Photoshop

  • MPlayer


  • GIFninja

  • Microsoft GIF animator


Photoshop: You need a 72 pixel-per-inch resolution for your GIF image to display it in the web. This can be easily done with Photoshop. Use version CS3 or higher. Drag and drop each individual image file “cells” in Photoshop and they would be arranged as layers, which you will be able to rearrange as well.


Opening MPEG, AVI, MOV, MP4 videos in Photoshop is a good idea if you want to extract a small clip from a video for your GIF image. The animated GIF will be much faster if there are only a few frames. The frames will be imported as layers which can be converted back for the GIF image. Go to Window and select Animation to get a palette menu to make frames from the layers. Edit it to your requirements and then save it from the File option.




How to make animated GIF Image?



MPlayer: This is a bit sophisticated tool which lets you make a multi-platform movie player compatible images. They can also let you add still or moving frames in an image making it a GIF image. You have to use command lines for controlling the settings like the duration of the GIF image and other details.



How to make animated GIF Image?
 After resizing individual photos to the same dimensions and size, you can upload them in to convert them to GIF images. The resizing can be done in Picasa. You can use your recordings from your webcam by linking the website to the webcam. will do the rest. Each frame of the image must be taken by pushing a button in the site each time.



How to make animated GIF Image?


GIFninja: GIFninja can convert the first few frames of your video, which should be under 20 MB, after uploading the clip to this site. The frames will be converted to GIF of course. AVI videos work best in GIFninja. Individual photos can also be uploaded which would be considered as frames.


Microsoft GIF Animator: If you want to edit your GIF image to


  • Change the number of times the image loops

  • Order frames

  • Edit the duration frame by frame

Then you can use Microsoft GIF animator which would satisfy you in the end. But Microsoft GIF animator is a bit too old, compared to other sites.

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