How to make best use of Google Plus pages? - Part 2

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Google Plus has all it takes to give the stiffest competition to the social networking major Facebook. With lot of user-friendly features as well as entertainment features in stock, the uprising of Google+ seems to have already begun. In this topic we will deal with the ways in which users can customize their page’s public profile. The detailed procedures are described in detail below.

  • Adding of profile photo as well as Tagline

  • Editing the users page information

  • Addition of users Photostrip


Adding of profile photo as well as Tagline


How to make best use of Google Plus pages? - Part 2


  • In the tagline box, users will have to enter at least 10 words that can give the best description of the users page

  • Below that the users can see a ‘Profile Photo’ option where the users can upload their own photo from their computer

  • Users can also change their photo whenever they want by means of clicking ‘ Change Profile Photo’ option

  • After ensuring that all these items have been added, users can now click the ‘Continue’ button

  • Finally Click Finish

  • Then the users will be taken to a new page


Editing the users page information



  • For editing the page information, In the welcome screen users will have to click the profile icon that is represented at the top left of the Google+ search box in the users profile page

  • Users can see tabs such as ‘Posts’, ‘About’, ‘Photos’ and ‘Videos’

  • From the tabs provided, select ‘About’

  • Then the users will have to edit the profile

  • Now the users can edit their page name as well as the links that can enter the relevant information about the page that is within introduction, other information that can be edited includes hours as well as website and contact info.

  • Users can also ‘enter additional links to their page’ by using the link button in the introduction section


Addition of Users Photostrip



  • Photostrip is mainly used for Google+ page designing

  • Below the page’s name as well as tagline, users will be provided with five photos

  • Users can click on the photo area which represents ‘add photos here’

  • Now the users can upload a photo in each of the five photos that are represented

  • The fact is that users can use different types of photos that has the potential to represent the user’s business


That’s it! The users profile page is now ready to use. Now the users can start posting of their profile by adding the status, updates, links, photos as well as videos.


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