How to make instant conference calls with CrowdCall app?

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CrowdCall is an app that will help users to easily establish a conference call from their smartphone while travelling. The app is available for free for both Android as well as iPhone.

How to make instant conference calls with CrowdCall app?

Some of the key features of CrowdCall include

  • Users can create instant group with a maximum of 20 people across the world

  • Users can also make calls to anyone in their contact list

  • Users can participate for free while making calls and for those receiving the calls, it is just an incoming call

  • The app is available to download from the App Store for iPhone

  • Android smartphone users can download the app from Google Play

  • There is no registration required for making use of this app

How to make instant conference calls with CrowdCall app?

  • CrowdCall makes use of the user’s carrier connection for connecting to their servers

Users will have to follow the given steps for making conference calls with CrowdCall.

  • Users will have to first ensure that they have the correct area or country code added to their number before making a call

  • Now the users can start adding a maximum of 20 participants from their address book or by number

  • Once the list has been prepared, users will have to click on the ‘Call’ button

  • Now the users can see that the CrowdCall will then begin dialling out on the user’s device and then giving them a nice greeting

  • It then provides users with music being played for the time being until the connection with all calling members are established

  • Once the participants start answering the calls, they will be asked to click on the button that denotes ‘1’ before being placed in the call

How to make instant conference calls with CrowdCall app?

  • Users will be charged on the basis of local calls per minute

  • The charge will vary according to the wireless plan that the user is making use of

  • It also has to be noted that there are no international fees as well as hidden conference call-hosting fees involved in the app

  • There is no need for the user to remember the dial-in numbers as well as pin codes

  • For adding the friends to the participant list, users will just have to include all of their numbers to the app and then save them in to their ‘Favourites’ tab

The presence of these user-friendly features makes CrowdCall app one of the unique easy to use groups calling app for the iPhone as well as Android smartphone users.

This is how users can engage in conference calls by making use of the CrowdCall app.

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