How to make programming a child’s play?

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With the world witnessing advancement in technology than ever before, more and more kids are increasingly aware of knowing the importance of computers. Even though the kids are aware of the basic hardware as well as internet functioning, it is always desirable that the kids must also have an understanding of the programming aspects since this is a field that has the potential to create wonders.

How to make programming a child’s play?

Now that dream has come true with the introduction of Kids Ruby Software. This software that has been especially designed for kids also has a set of tutorials in order to teach kids the art of development. The programming language that is used is ‘Ruby’ which is considered to be one of the most popular programming languages.

The Kids Ruby Software is available for both the Apple based Mac as well as Personal computers, and if you think that your kids have that innovating quality in them, then it will be far better to give a try on the Kids Ruby Operating System that is built on Ubuntu.


The KidsRuby website provides the kids with an easy understanding of its functionality and it often relies on the principle of ‘Hack’ their Homework. The software definitely provides the kids with a platform with which they can develop as well as showcase their skills. With the help of this programming software, students can enjoy making simple programs that they can afford to do in the beginning.

  • The codes that kids can make use of in KidsRuby is made available on GitHub

  • GitHub also accommodates one of the latest learning game that has been especially designed for programming and is named ‘Ruby Warrior’

  • The game has been developed in such a way that only the understanding of the Ruby programs will take the kid warrior to the higher level of set of stairs in order to beat the game

  • Even though the game is regarded as a text-based game, the students who makes use of this programming game should consider it as two-dimensional

  • It is rectangular in shape

  • The game is made up of a number of squares

  • The given square should contain only one unit at a time and the students responsibility is to find the square with the stairs

Thus by making use of this complicated methodology, the programming software helps the kids in improving their problem solving skills and ability and thereby providing the kids with an understanding of the programming aspects to a greater extent.

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