How to make use of App-O-Day app for better deals?

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How to make use of App-O-Day app for better deals?

Iddiction has announced the launch of an app named as App-o-Day. The company has hailed the app as a ‘Groupon for Apps’. Iddiction is a company that basically teams up with app developers as well as publishers for providing apps free for some time for mere promotional purpose. These apps may be charged once the promotion is over. The promotion is done on App-o-Day app website as well as through social media channels.

One of the major uses of this App-o-Day app is that it displays the best of the apps available for the iOS devices. By making use of this app, users will be able to discover the best of the apps as well as games. Exclusive Game previews as well as deals are also provided in this app.

  • The main goal of this app is to provide users with exclusive and exciting deals for the iOS apps that are developed by the app developers as well as publishers

  • The app features mainly special as well as curative deals instead of merely aggregating apps that are free in the app store world. Freshness is not lost.

  • The app is useful for both the users as well as developers to get the best deals

  • Users usually make a visit to App-o-Day for the sole purpose of seeing the lucrative deals around for having different interesting iOS apps.

  • Developers usually makes use of this app for promotion as well as in gaining some market traction

There is a possibility of launching App-o-Day app for iPad later this year.

The working of the App-o-Day app includes

  • The app consists of 3 Deals in One which includes today’s, yesterday’s as well as Tomorrow’s surprise

  • The app also comes implemented with a Selection Engine which is capable of categorizing the best apps as well as games available

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  • The app is capable of providing users with a negotiated free deal everyday

  • It is possible for downloading the apps only till a limited period of time

  • It also comes with a get notified feature which provides the users with an opportunity of being the first to get the Amazing Deal of Today

  • Users can post any requests or comments by means of Feedback in this app

  • Users are able to vote on their favorite deals and can also recommend it to their friends by means of making use of ‘Share with friends’ feature

This is how users can make use of App-o-Day app for getting the better deals.

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