How to manage disturbing Facebook notifications?

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It is for sure that most of the users around the world are not aware of the fact that they can stop receiving unwanted notifications in Facebook by turning the feature off.


If you are the user who wishes to have only important notifications that includes comment from the users friends or relatives, then the users will have to follow the below mentioned steps to manage the disturbing notifications up to a certain extent.


The steps are given as follows;

  • Log in to the Facebook by entering the users log in credentials

  • Users will then have to click on the ‘Notifications’ tab that is located at the bottom right corner


How to manage disturbing Facebook notifications?


  • Then select ‘See All’

  • Now the users will be able to see a long list of applications that is sending you the notifications

  • Users can turn off those features which sends you unwanted notification by means of unchecking them

  • But it is always desirable that the users will have to give more attention while unchecking since Facebook’s own unique applications such as ‘Feed Comments’

  • So users will have to take special care while unchecking the list and those applications that are useful should remain checked

  • Similarly on the bottom, users can see a small notifications roll-up window in which users can see an ‘x’ symbol over the individual notifications

  • Tapping the ‘X’ button is expected to remove any notifications from the application



  • If the user wishes to undergo additional fine tuning, then they are supposed to tap the ‘Settings’ tab that is present on the main menu

  • Then select the ‘Application Settings’

  • From the drop down menu given, users will have to select the ‘Authorized’ option

  • Users can also limit the extent to which others send e-mails as well as publishing of recent activity to the user’s wall by turning off those features instead of removing those applications

  • If the user does not want to enable these features forever, then it is desirable that users can remove it by clicking the ‘x’ next to its name



  • Users can also limit the update notifications by selecting the ‘Updates’ in the menu on the same page

  • Users will then have to click on the ‘Update Settings’

  • Now the users can select by controlling the updates that they can receive

  • Users will now have to save the changes


This is how users can manage disturbing notifications in Facebook.


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