How to monitor Pinterest traffic using Google Analytics?

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Pinterest has become really popular because of its pinning feature. Google analytics provides user friendly techniques by means of which users can analyse the traffic in Pinterest. Google analytics provide a set of tools for helping users to analyse Pinterest traffic. Tools are:

  • Referral reports

  • Custom reports

  • Dashboard and

  • Multi-channel funnel

Let us look into each of those features and see how it helps to track Pinterest traffic.

Referral Reports

  • This tool allows the users to analyse the total number of visits that are coming to the site of the user from Pinterest. Now how to do this?

  • Users will first have to navigate towards ‘Traffic Sources’

  • Then users will have to click on ‘Sources’

  • Finally users will have to click on the ‘Referral Reports’

How to monitor Pinterest traffic using Google Analytics?

  • Check whether is present in the top 10 referrals

  • If users are not able to find, they will have to search for ‘Pinterest’ by making use of the online filter especially at the top of the table

  • It is always preferable for the users to create an advanced segment for Pinterest which only includes the traffic from Pinterest

  • Users can also set certain goals and can also make use of the comparison view for benchmarking

Custom Reports

  • It provides users with the specific information that they wish to have

  • It displays the pages on Pinterest that have sent visits

  • It also provides users with the information about how many of the visitors came from each of the pages

  • How many pages they searched of the user

  • The time they spent on that particular page

  • Mainly, it provides the users with an average value of each of the visits

  • Users can also opt for a Landing page option which shows the users a list of pictures that users want to highlight


  • This tool provides users with a higher level end-to-end view of user’s site activities

  • Users can also include information that they want to see on a regular basis by means of adding Widgets to the dashboard

  • It also gives the users to know whether their efforts and hard work in Pinterest is turning out to be a success or not

  • The specified products that resonates with the Pinterest demographic can also be determined by Dashboards which will help users in strategizing the pin content in the future

Multi-Channel Funnels

For knowing the number of conversations that can be completely credited to Pinterest can be determined by making use of multi-channel funnels.

  • On that, users will have to click on the tab that represents ‘Assisted Conversations’ report

  • Then the users will have to select ‘Source/Medium’

  • Then the users will have to start filtering for Pinterest

  • Now the users will get a detailed report regarding the number of times a conversation was triggered by Pinterest

This is how users can analyse Pinterest Traffic by making use of Google Analytics.

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