How to overcome dismal camera resolution in iPad2?

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Apple’s iPad2 is supposedly a far better performer and a great tablet compared to its predecessor the Apple iPad. The iPad2 is an immensely successful and critically acclaimed device and its only flaw is the rear camera. But, generally speaking, most people won’t be using their iPad2’s rear camera to take pictures, if they have a better one in their handset.

But there is a possibility for that if the closest camera equipped device near them is the iPad2. The iPad2 has a 0.92 Megapixel rear camera. This camera doesn’t even compare to that of an iPhone 4.

How to overcome dismal camera resolution in iPad2?

There are a few tips to make good use of the iPad2 camera. They are the following:

  • Use the camera to take pictures only if there is good lighting in the environment

  • Use apps like Photogene to improve the effects of the pictures taken by the camera

  • To apply filters while capturing a picture, use ‘Camera Boost application’

  • Use 100 Cameras in One application to make use of a huge number of filters so as to change the look of your captured pictures

  • Use quick picture edit apps to edit your pictures faster if they are to be uploaded in your facebook or twitter account

  • Never exceed 500-600px width if you are planning to capture images and share them on facebook and Twitter

Apple iPad2 boasts that the camera can record videos of 720p HD quality but Apple doesn’t seem to talk much about the camera’s quality when it comes to capturing pictures. With the iPad2 rear camera’s 720p HD video recording capability, we know that the resolution would be 1280 x 720 pixels. Hence we can infer that for capturing images.

The rear camera of the Apple iPad2 has only a resolution of about 0.92 Mega pixels. Taking in to consideration the fact that you can’t do anything about the camera, not even Apple seems to be doing anything about it. But what you can do is download some camera friendly apps to make your captures appear better for the people which will get to watch it.

One idea which seems a tad dull is the use of a light source if there is no light source for you to take a picture. If Apple keeps on insisting its iPad2 customers to use such a camera, then capturing pictures with a light source is the only option left if you are not considering, using any applications.

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