How to partition DVD content to chapters?

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As every one of us might be aware that DVD is a video format, which comes with lost of advantages for the users, but how many are aware of converting DVD into chapters? Well, before going into the procedure of splitting a DVD into chapters, let’s find out the advantages of splitting the DVD into chapters. There are many advantages for the users such as different chapters will allow the users to navigate though the DVD chapters easily using a remote.


Moreover, the user can also roll out sub menus for each video which will also improve convenience of the users and also help to identify each chapter. Dividing into chapters will also help you to directly go to the specific part of the DVD file, if you have made the chapters according to the time sequence.


Now, let’s see how we can split the files into different chapters. For doing this the user might require video processing tools. The most preferable is AVS Video Tools which has many features for you to easily divide the files into chapters.


  • The first and foremost step is to download the tool. You can easily download the AVS Video Tools from the authorized website.

  • After downloading, you need to run the AVS Video Tools.exe file so that the installation file will start running and will also start providing details of the installation Wizard instruction. The instruction has to be followed by you.

  • After installation, you will end up with a window which has a Browse option on the right side of the window. To select the video file you need to split, just click on the ‘browse button’ and search insert the file in the field.


How to partition DVD content to chapters?



Once you have selected the DVD file to be converted than you have to set up parameters for the conversion to happen.


  • For setting up parameters you need to click on ‘To DVD’ button on the left side of the window and this will help you in creating DVD video as you require. In the bottom there is a field with an option called ‘Burn To’. You have also options to add or remove files from the burn to list with dedicated keys for that.






  • Then you need to click “Browse” button again so that the location to save the file is selected.

  • The very next step is to click on the “Edit” button, so that you can start the editing procedure.






To add markers on each chapter, there are automatic options as well as manual option. Now, let’s look into that


  • If the user is burning many number of video files than you can go along with the automatic option. You can just press the ‘auto add’ and the system will start adding markers automatically.

  • To mark manually, you need to click on the timeline which is available on the top interface of the windows. And then you can click F8 or ‘Add Button’ according to the time wherever you need a marker. You can also do this by clicking the mouse on timeline.





  • After setting markers the next procedure is to make set DVD menu template for which the user need to ‘Edit DVD menu’ and then insert the most preferable template available in the AVS Video Converter itself. Templates will help you to display the number of chapters you have made with the DVD file.


This is the simplest and easiest way to split your DVD file and convert into chapters.

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