How to personalize Blackberry 6 home screen?

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One of the major attractions of Blackberry 6 is absolutely the presence of in-built customization features. The choice of customization has increased the popularity of this device in the international market considerably.

How to personalize Blackberry 6 home screen?

Now let’s take a close look at the procedures that are involved in customizing the Home screen.

Home Screen Options Menu

Inorder to access the Home screen options menu, users will have to;

  • Click on the Menu Key

  • Then select ‘Options’

Now the users can change the following settings as per their wish.

How to personalize Blackberry 6 home screen?

Search applications

This feature allows the users to decide whether they need a Universal Search or Application Shortcuts. Universal search allows the users to type on the home screen itself to begin the search.

Creating Application Shortcuts

Application shortcuts can be considered as a wonderful feature that allows the users for quickly accessing the Blackberry Apps using the shortcut keys.

Wallpaper Settings

  • Users can either use the default wallpaper

  • Users can also select one of their own images on Blackberry 6

Folder download options

These are considered to be the folder settings that decides the location where the user wishes there downloaded apps to get installed

Reset Settings

Users mainly have two options as far as the Reset settings are concerned. They are;

  • Reset Everything altogether

  • Reset each feature individually

Home Screen Folders

Users are provided with the option of adding more folders on the users home screen inorder to organize the Blackberry 6 icons by means of using the all view.

  • Select the Menu key

  • Then click on to the ‘Add’ folder

  • Users will then have to provide a Name to the folder

  • Inorder to remove the folder, users will just click on to the folder that they wish to delete and then click on to the ‘Delete’ tab

  • If the user wishes to rename the folder, just click on to the folder and hit the menu key and then select ‘Edit Folder’

  • Users also have the option of moving the folder by clicking on to the folder that the users wishes to move and then pressing the menu key and selecting the ‘move to Folder’ option

Show and Hide Icons

  • Select the ‘Show on Home Screen’ icon

How to personalize Blackberry 6 home screen?

  • Then click on to the ‘Menu’ key

  • Then select Hide

  • It is always desirable that the users hide icons if they have enabled Keyboard shortcuts

Inorder to view the hidden icon that is present on the Home screen;

  • Select an icon that is present on the Home screen of the Blackberry 6 smartphone

  • Click the Menu key

  • Then select ‘Show All’

  • Click on the transparent icon that is represented on the Home screen

  • Finally click again on the Menu key

  • Finally select Hide inorder to remove the checkmark

Addition of Instant Messaging Contacts and Browser Bookmark icons to the users Home Screen

  • Select a contact

  • Then click on the Menu key

  • Press the ‘Show on Home Screen’ tab

  • Users can now select the folder where the icon appears and can mark it as favorite

Inorder to remove the icon, highlight the icon and then click on the menu key and then select ‘delete’.

Bookmarking websites

  • Users will have to add a Browser Book mark icon on to the Home screen

  • Select the Menu key

  • Then click on Add to the Home Screen

  • Now the users can see their home screen enhanced with Browser Bookmark icon with that of the website


Users can change the themes in their Blackberry 6 Home Screen by navigating towards the Blackberry App world in the themes category.

This is how the users can personalize their Blackberry 6 Home Screen.

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