How to print wirelessly from your iOS based device?

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How to print wirelessly from your iOS based device?

If you are a student preparing research documents, an employee who needs to keep hard copies of files or simply an individual who likes printing copies of your favorite articles from the web, printing is an important activity for you. With the advancement of modern technology printing from desktop may seem like an outdated technique.

Especially if you use an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. The printing chore can be eased to a certain extent if you have a Wi-Fi connection to go with these equipments. Here is an article which will help you to print wirelessly from your iOS based device.

There is an inbuilt feature in Apple devices called Air print. Air print allows you to instantly print hard copies of emails, photos or web pages. You don’t need to install any additional softwares or drivers to use this utility. Printing happens in the background and hence you don’t need to stay on the printing page to get this task done.

However your printer needs to support Air print for you to get this done. Most of the modern day printers support Air print. You can visit the Apple website to check if your printer is listed in the compatible printers which support Air print. If your printer supports Air print, follow the steps below to print the document wirelessly.

  • Connect your iOS based device and printer to the same Wi-Fi network

  • Test the connection by opening a document in the Notes app

  • Click on the action button

  • Click on Print
How to print wirelessly from your iOS based device?
  • Make sure that your printer is appearing as the chosen device

  • If it is not appearing, tap on the Printer field

  • This will scan the network for installed printers

  • When your printer is detected, tap on the printer name

  • Tap on Print to start printing
How to print wirelessly from your iOS based device?

If your printer is not compatible with Air print, you can use alternative software called Finger print. Finger print will theoretically make your printer Air print compatible. To print wirelessly using Finger print, follow the steps below.

Download and install Finger print. The software will cost you around $20.You can use the trial version if you are reluctant about purchasing the software.

  • Launch Finger print from your desktop

  • You will be able to see the list of installed printers on the left sidebar

  • Choose the printer you wish to connect with the iOS device

  • Close the window

  • Connect your iOS device and your computer on the same Wi-Fi network

  • Test the printer connection by doing a sample print (You can use the Notes app on your iOS device)

  • Then select the file you want to print

  • Tap on the Action button

  • Choose the Print option

  • Select the printer from the list

  • Tap on Print to start printing
This will wirelessly print the document you have chosen.


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