How to prolong battery in laptop

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The use of laptop has emerged is increasingly becoming an integral part of our daily lives. Their greatest advantages compared to the desktops are portability as well as compact size that make laptop one of the most preferred choices for business people as well as professionals who spend most of their time traveling. And laptops have the ability to accompany them quite conveniently.

But the fact is that the battery life is one of the main challenges that most of the laptop users face as of now. There are increasing methods and techniques through which users can now increase the battery life of their laptop and the methods are described as follows.



How to prolong battery in laptop

  • One of the best ways to get a laptop with an increased battery life is that users should opt for a 9 cell lithium ion battery instead of 6 cell lithium ion battery that are commonly available in the market and which comes as a standard specification in most of the laptops. The greatest advantage of 9 cell lithium ion battery is that it provides twice the battery life as of 6 cell lithium ion battery.

  • You should never play CD/DVD ROM at times when you keep your laptop for charging. The fact is that the running of the particular DVD player takes a lot of battery and is considered to be one of the main reasons for the steady decreasing levels of battery life in laptops.

  • Another important technique that can be used in order to increase the battery life of the laptops is by turning down the monitor brightness by a considerable level. This is significant use when the laptop is idle at times. The research has suggested that there have been at least 35% rise in the battery life when the monitor brightness is kept low.

  • Configure the Power Scheme software in order to save the battery life. You will have to configure in such a way that the laptop should make use of only least amount of power once your laptop is running on the battery.

  • Try to reduce the number of applications that you are running at the same time. Because more the applications are open, the greater the processing power is which is directly proportional to the battery life of your laptop. Try to reduce the use of high resolution items like playing of video games etc.

  • Disable any kind of hardware that your laptop may not be currently using. For example: LAN Network Card.

  • Basic understanding of the working of the battery life cycle as well as battery memory is important.

  • Always make sure that your laptop is fully charged before you leave.

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