How to protect Facebook account - part 2

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We already went through a few tips that can help you make your Facebook account safe from unauthorized accesses. Taking a few precautionary measures in Facebook won’t do you harm and also creates a virtual barricade which makes your Facebook account harder to infiltrate. For making your Facebook account as tough as possible to hack, here are a few more tips.

  • Secure not just your Facebook account: You must take care to secure your email accounts in other websites, which you have used in Facebook.
  • Share status in Facebook wisely: Before you post your status, make sure that you haven’t given any information which would be any kind of gateway for someone to access your private data.
  • Block applications: Block those applications which you don’t think, are secure. Certain applications can cause Spam
  • Never select photos, links and videos which are malicious: Hackers may use baits like photos, videos and links with explicit, controversial or interesting contents which would require you to give your account information for viewing more. So don’t open or share them. One app which fools everyone is the “Know who viewed your profile app”. Do not open it.



How to protect Facebook account - part 2

  • Activate secure browsing: Go to Account menu in your FB account and select Account Settings. Then click on Security settings and select “Secure browsing edit”. Enabling this would make your browser more secure encrypting everything you do in Facebook, such that malicious attackers would find it difficult to access your personal information. Secured browsing isn’t available when you use Facebook from your mobile handsets.
  • Add another email: Go to Account settings and select General settings. Then select email edit and add another email account so that even when your primary email account doesn’t work in FB, you can use this new email account which you have added.
  • Register your mobile handset: Go to account settings, select Mobile settings and activate FB Text messaging on your handset. FB will ask for your phone number and then will send you a code, which you will have to enter to confirm the activation and register your mobile. This also helps you recover or restore your account if ever it crashes or faces problems.
  • Enable your login notifications by selecting security settings in the account settings and then selecting login notifications edit.
  • Active sessions: Go to Account settings and select security settings. Then select Active sessions edit. Active sessions page shows you how many accesses were there in your account, the time and date of accesses, the device used for the accesses etc. If somebody else is accessing your account, you will know it from this page. Click “end activity” on the right side to end it. Then change the password of your FB and email accounts.
  • One-time Password: If you access your FB account from public computers, then use a one-time password. This protects your account and makes it more secure when you log in from a public computer. Type “otp” and send it to 32665. Facebook will send you a one-time password which will be valid for only 20 minutes.
  • App passwords: By going to Account settings and then selecting security settings, click on App password edit and then generate an app password. App password can be used to log into apps in Facebook without using your Facebook password.
  • Keep tabs on Facebook’s latest security updates

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