How to protect files in Windows 7 using encryption?

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The private data like personal pictures, official files and many other related things have to be protected from the public. Such files can be protected by making use of third party software that comes for free like Bitlocker, Axcrypt or Disguise folders.


Encrypting File System is a feature that is inbuilt in windows for protecting the information on a hard disk by converting it into an encrypted form. Encryption is the strong and secure means of storing information. It is a very simple method and also provides control over those who can access the information. In encrypted file system, the files are encrypted when they are closed and are ready for use when the user reopens it.


BitLocker Drive Encryption helps the user to protect all the files that are stored on the drive where Windows is installed. The Encrypted File System encrypts individual files where as BitLocker encrypts the entire drive including all the system files.


BitLocker also helps to block the hackers from getting access to the various system files. It is pre-installed in Ultimate and Enterprise versions of Windows 7. Windows server 2008 R2, Vista and Windows Server 2008 also comes with pre installed BitLocker.


  • Tap on the start button and type “RUN” on the search field followed by a click.

How to protect files in Windows 7 using encryption?



  • Then type qpedit command on the Run box and then click the OK button.

  • Then go to computer configurations, opt for Administrative templates and then move to Windows components in the sub menu.

  • Double click on the additional authentication required at the start up. By doing this a new window will open.

How to protect files in Windows 7 using encryption?



  • Select Enable on the newly opened window. Do not allow BitLocker without a compatible TPM option.

  • A particular hard drive can be made protected by choosing the hard drive on My Computer and then right click on it in order to turn on the BitLocker.

How to protect files in Windows 7 using encryption?



  • A new Window will open up when the user when the user turns on the BitLocker. The newly opened window helps to create a password in the provided field. You can proceed by tapping on the next button.
Now a question arises, that where the user wants to save the recovery key. It can be saved to print recovery Key, USB or recovery file.


How to protect files in Windows 7 using encryption?



  • The next step is to find a suitable location in the PC to save this file. The user should take special care to keep this file in a safe place as this helps in unlocking the drive once the password is lost.

  • By giving a tap on the Start Encryption button, the Encryption process will start and it takes some amount of time for the process to get completed.

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