How to protect MacBook from virus?

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MacBook Pro was launched by Apple in the year 2006. It is the high end model of the MacBook family and is manufactured with 13, 15 and 17 inch screens.But these portable computers are inclined to viruses.

The virus can be removed with the use of MacKeeper, and thus the health of the computer can be maintained. Therefore the MacBook user should install the MacKeeper to keep the system free of viruses.

How to protect MacBook from virus?

  • The MacKeeper owns a high featured tool which helps the system to scan and fix the problem.

  • By scanning the system you can analyze the issues that are affecting the performance of the system as well as the amount of disk space wasted.

  • While scanning it also checks whether the features like antivirus and anti-theft has installed.

  • The Mackeeper’s dashboard on the left hand side will inform you about the installation of antivirus and anti-theft services.

  • The people those who travel frequently finds real comfort once they have installed MacKeeper as it contains anti-theft.

  • When you find that your MacBook Pro has been stolen, you could easily report on the MacKeeper site by simply logging in to your account and selecting anti-theft option

  • The anti-theft feature enables to track the MacBook Pro’s geographic position with the help of Wi-Fi and some other network details.

  • The iSight camera that has been integrated with the MacBook takes the snap of the thief.

  • The MacKeeper will send an email as soon as the thief goes online. Thus it helps in recovering the stolen MacBook.

  • The user should always keep the system in password protected mode. This helps to keep the data safe and secure.

  • The personal data can be kept hidden on the hard disk drive with the use of another feature known as Data Encryptor. Therefore the thief cannot retrieve the data from the terminal.

  • This feature also provides support to add unlimited files that can be hidden with a single click on the hide button.

  • The files that are accidentally deleted can be recovered by tapping once on the undelete button.

  • An electronic shedder is used to create cross cuts.

  • The electronic files can be disposed safely by dropping it on the shredder. The shredder removes these files without leaving any trace.

  • The important files can be moved to a remote location by utilizing the Backup option.

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