How to recover MS Words 2010 document?

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It’s for sure that most of the users would encounter certain situations in which they lose their data in MS Word or MS Excel only because they forgot to save their document. Saving the document seems to be such an important step that a sudden Windows crash as well as a power failure can cause the user to lose the complete data.

Here, the topic deals with a Microsoft Office 2010 feature that can be considered as a ‘savior’ that helps in the recovering of the document drafts within a span of seconds.

How to recover MS Words 2010 document?

The following feature is applicable to MS Word, MS Excel as well as MS PowerPoint.

  • Once the word file got closed unexpectedly, Users will have to open a new word document

  • Go to File

  • Click Info

  • Then the users will have to click the ‘Manage Versions’

  • Now the users will have to click the little drop down

  • Then the users will have to select ‘Recover Unsaved Documents’

  • The users Microsoft Word 2010 opens a new location where the copy of the draft resides

  • It will be denoted something as ‘Unsaved Files’

  • Now the users will have to select the draft that users forgot to save

  • Once the unsaved word document pops up, select it and save the document by clicking on to the ‘Save As’ button

How to recover MS Words 2010 document?

Note: The unsaved copies of the files will be saved on to the MS Word 2010 for a maximum of four days after which the file will get automatically deleted.

  • The ‘Save As‘ tab is present at the right side of the pop up message that denotes Recovered Unsaved File: This is a Recovered file that is temporarily stored on your computer

  • Users can also make use of the ‘Open and Repair’ feature that is represented at the bottom of the ‘Open’ tab. The feature is mainly used for troubleshooting the documents that might have got corrupted as well as damaged

Users can manually open the file depending on the operating system; the navigation is given as follows

Windows 7 or Windows Vista

Go to the Users folder in C drive and access the folder with your Windows user name. Then go to the folder with the path AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\

Windows XP

Go to C drive and access the Documents and Settings folder. Locate the folder with your user name and then access the Application Data folder. Locate the application in the path \Microsoft\

The AutoRecover option plays a major role in the recovering of the unsaved document by ensuring that the document remains open for some period of time. Users can change the time intervals by navigating towards the following options;

  • Go to File

  • Then click Options

  • Users will then have to click ‘Save’

How to recover MS Words 2010 document?

  • Users can now see an option titled ‘Save AutoRecover information every and in the minutes column, users can modify the time period accordingly as per their wish

  • Then save it by check marking the box that denotes ‘Save AutoRecover information every’ and the minutes that the users have entered

These are the ways through which the users can recover their Microsoft Word 2010 document.

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