How to rectify wrong posts in Facebook?

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Facebook is considered to be one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. Major attractions are its user-friendly features as well as functionalities.

Posting comments on walls is the most common activity. Moreover, it is quite natural that at any point of time, users may post wrong comments in Facebook. But there is no need to worry at all since Facebook has given the ability for the users to recall the Facebook post for editing and they can also delete any post that they have posted on Facebook at any point of time.

How to rectify wrong posts in Facebook?

Users will have to follow the below mentioned procedures to rectify the wrong posts in Facebook.

Immediate Editing

  • It is always possible for the user to recall the Facebook post that the user have posted

  • On the top right corner of the post, users will be able to see an ‘X’ button

  • Click the ‘X’ button top remove the post

  • Now the post will be shown on the actual editing box

  • Make the required rectifications

  • Finally click ‘Share’ to send the post back

Users will have to take a note that this procedure is possible only within the five seconds of posting the comment.

Permanent Deletion

Even if the editing post disappears, users can still delete the post permanently.

  • Click again on the ‘X’ button

  • Users will then have to confirm whether they want to delete the post when prompted


How to rectify wrong posts in Facebook?

  • If the post is present on the wall, then the users will have to click on the ‘Audience Selector Icon’

  • Then click on ‘Delete Post’ that is present in the menu

Other People’s Post

Users can simply remove the post from their own wall or can ask other users in Facebook to remove their post from their wall if the user thinks that it is inappropriate for the Facebook. Inorder to report it, users will have to undergo the following steps.

  • Navigate the mouse towards right corner until an arrow is seen by the user

  • Select the Arrow icon

  • Then click on ‘Report Story or Spam’

How to rectify wrong posts in Facebook?

Forced Deletion

Facebook as a social networking site has in place certain rules as well as regulations and Facebook will remove any posts or comments or content that the website consider as a violation of the rules. In such cases, Facebook will issue warning to all those users who have violated the law and it is possible that Facebook will suspend or delete the account of the user who have violated the Facebook rules and regulations.

This is how users can rectify wrong posts in Facebook.

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