How to relocate installed programs between drives?

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Most of the computer users around the world encounter some common challenges. Some of those common problems include system running slower than before, computer getting affected by viruses, malware threat, malfunctioning of UPS and so on. But one of the most common troubles encountered by the user is the situation in which you see that the hard disk has lower memory space. It may be your Hard Drive C or D.

The fact is that only two options are left for the users:

  • Uninstalling the applications from the drive which is full and reinstalling the programs to another hard disk

  • Re-size the present low memory space hard disk using partition management utility

The first option seems to be the safest choice. One of the most commonly used tools for this is none other than ‘Application Mover’.

How to relocate installed programs between drives?

The following steps have to be followed in a step by step manner. The steps are as follows:

  • Download the utility by going to the link

  • Install the utility

  • Run the program

  • Select the current path which consists of the files that has to be moved

  • Select the new path

  • Make sure that all the check boxes present remains unchanged

  • Click OK

  • The users will be provided with a list of installed programs that is ready to be moved

  • Users will have to click OK

  • A new window will pop up titled ‘Replace Confirmation’

  • Users will be given three options namely ‘Skip’, ‘Cancel’, Do not ask me again’

  • It is desirable to go ahead and choose ‘Do not ask me again’ box or ‘Skip’ button

  • Application Mover moves all the files from the old path to the new path

  • The changes are made in the Windows Registry with the help of strings that include Windows shortcuts, .ini as well as Install. Log files.

How to relocate installed programs between drives?

The application works on the following step by step order:

  • Files copied on to the new path provided

  • Changes are made in the Registry

  • Changes takes place in the Shortcuts too

  • From the old path, files are deleted

  • .ini as well as Install. log files are changed accordingly

Application Mover is a very user friendly shareware utility that is available across the international market at an affordable price tag of around Rs.1, 000.

How to relocate installed programs between drives?


  • Do not moveimportant directories directly

  • Administrator Privileges must be ensured before running the application

  • ‘My Documents’ should not be moved

  • ‘C:ProgramFiles/CommonFiles’ should not be moved

  • It is always desirable to create a Back Up

  • It is not desirable to move anti-virus applications

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