How to remove scratches from iPhone?

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Most of the users can’t even think of a scratch that can come on your iPhones. It can be quite emotional if the users have to face these kinds of embarrassing situations in which the users bought a new Apple iPhone and it fell from their hands leaving a scratch on the screen.

But better late than never, there are certain ways in which the users can remove scratches from their iPhones. Mainly some techniques are described here. It includes;

  • Using Anti-Glare Screen

  • Using a protection cover

  • Avoiding Home Remedies

  • Screen replacement

Any of the techniques can be employed in your iPhone if you are supposed to be the user who believes on the principle of “Prevention Is Better than Cure”.

Using Anti-Glare Screen

Anti-Glare screen can be used as a means of protection form scratches; it comes with a wide range of uses. The static screen protector helps in protection from any sort of shatterings in the screen display. But the fact is that it is quite expensive with almost more than Rs 1, 000 for a two pack.

Fitting the anti-glare screen is quite a hard task taking in to consideration the precision required. It is always preferable to give it to the Apple service centre where they fit the anti-glare screen within seconds. The static technology helps in the complete removal of any kind of Glue presence in the iPhone.

How to remove scratches from iPhone?

Using a protection cover

This is one of the best means to cover up your iPhone from scratches. The technique is that raising all the four sides comparatively by making use of this cover will prevent the front of the device always when it falls to the ground, thus securing the screen display from any type of scratches.

One of the best available products is the Ballistic that comes with four layers of protection in addition to the sheer screen protector it has. The price of the product is around Rs 3, 000 where as there is another one known as iSkin Revo4 that comes with a Rs 2, 500 price tag. Both the products are sure to provide the iPhone users with the desired protection and elegance.

How to remove scratches from iPhone?

Screen Replacement

This can be considered as the worst case scenario but can be the only option some times if the scratch is grave in your iPhone. A new screen can be quite expensive and it involves a number of steps for the user to replace their corresponding iPhone with a new screen.

How to remove scratches from iPhone?

Avoiding Home Remedies

There are many home remedies available in order to protect the scratches from showing off. But the truth remains that sooner or later it will show off. The most popular being used in the international market includes Brasso that has the capability to polish out the scratches at the same time buffing of the screen’s oleophobic coating that can prove to be very awkward at times. So it is highly recommended to avoid such home remedies.

These are some of the most preferred techniques through which users can remove scratches from their iPhones.

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