How to Remove Your Name from Facebook Social Ads?

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How to Remove Your Name from Facebook Social Ads?

World's No.1 social network Facebook is now promoting personalized advertising through the social circle with the concept of social ads. Of course, Facebook is all about sharing your stuff in the social domain, however, there might be instances when a user is not comfortable using their personal actions to determine the ads and pushing them to the social circle too. Hence here is a tutorial upon how one can remove their details from Facebook social ads. However, firstly we need to understand, how these social-ads work.

How Social ads work?

Social ads from Facebook follow an interesting concept. It works by promoting pages you liked to your friends and the pages your friends liked to you. It has been a successful format and had brought a lot of revenue to Facebook since its inception.

The company tries really hard to bring relevant ads to its users. Facebook achieves this by studying how the user interacts with the site and third party applications. But mainly the ads are centered on the social activity of the user. Facebook gets most of the relevant information about the users.

Although this is a healthy method, it has its down side too. Privacy of the user is compromised to a great extent to pull in advertising money. Even though Facebook stands to its commitment that it won’t interfere with the privacy, many users find themselves victimized by the advertising strategies of the company.

How to Remove Your Name from Facebook Social Ads?

The issue with privacy

When you are working with social networking sites, it is much safer and convenient if you are discrete about the information you share with the web. Prying eyes of marketers are keenly observing ways to manipulate personal data for sales. Facebook social ads are based on user behavior. It will display ads based on how a user interacts with the people on his friends list, his preferences etc.

It can use personal preferences of someone to promote an ad to another. For example if you ‘liked’ a particular page, social ads may use that information while running ads on your friends’ page by mentioning that you have liked that particular page. If you are uncomfortable with this type of disclosure, you can choose to disallow Facebook from promoting pages to your friends based on your information.

Let us see how to discourage Facebook using the personal information to push in ads to your social circle.

How to Remove Your Name from Facebook Social Ads?

Here is a step-by-step solution

  • Log into Facebook

  • Click on the down arrow button on the right most part of the page

  • A drop down menu will appear

  • Click on Account settings

  • From the menu on the left side of the screen, Choose Facebook ads

  • Direct yourself to the bottom of the screen and select ‘Edit social ads setting’

  • A drop down menu will appear adjacent to ‘Pair my social actions with ads for’

  • Choose ‘ No one’ from the list

  • Click on Save Changes

Following these steps, Facebook will not use your personal information to promote ads. 

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