How to save battery power in Android phones?

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Saving the battery life in your android based smartphone seems to be a matter of concern for most of the android users. One of the initial steps that the users have to take from their side is to install the ‘Power Control Widget’.

It can be considered as a very useful application since it helps in saving more battery life by means of turning OFF the features that are not needed. The turning off of certain applications is actually done in real-time.

Users will have to ensure that they have enough space for 3 to 4 icons on their home screen. Then press on the device for a long time and the users can see the screens with the icons popping up.

Now the following steps have to be followed in a step by step manner.

  • Select ‘Android Widgets’ from the range of options provided

  • Then navigate towards the bottom and select ‘Power Control’

  • Click on Power Control and place the widget on your home screen

  • Now the users are provided with almost five icons on the top of their home screen and that includes the presence of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LCD Dim control as well as Data Sync and finally to stop with is GPS

How to save battery power in Android phones?

Wi-Fi: If the user currently isn’t using the Wi-Fi connection that ensures wireless connectivity, then it is always desirable to turn it Off and thereby preventing the wasting of the device battery life

GPS: The GPS button is another feature that takes a lot of battery life of user’s android device. Most of the users are sure to use it only at the time of traveling and it is desirable to turn it off otherwise and save the battery life

Data Sync: Data Sync which is mainly used to sync data on to your Facebook, Gmail as well as Twitter may not be of significant use unless you are at your home and want the Gmail to be synced. Turn it off otherwise

Bluetooth: Bluetooth is also considered to be one of those features that require considerable battery consumption. Please turn it off if you are not using the Bluetooth for any file or data transfer and thereby save the battery life of your favorite android device

LCD Dim Control: And finally comes the LCD Dim control which is considered to be one of the major factors for the battery draining for any android based smartphones. There are situations in which you will have to use your android based smartphone in complete darkness. It is always desirable that you can adjust it to the lowest setting

Users can even opt for the icon that denotes Automatic DIM control. But the fact is that it can only limit the battery draining to a certain extent. It is always desirable to set the device to the ‘Lowest Setting’

This is how the users can save battery power in their android based smartphones.

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