How to Send Anonymous Email?

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How to Send Anonymous Email?

When you send a regular email, it always displays the address of sender, as well as, other incidental information.

If a user posts an email from a Web-based email form, the IP address of the computer is attached to the email; hence, anyone with the appropriate software can retrieve this information. Those who want to maintain privcy while sending a mail, Gizbot has detailed the steps of sending Anonymous email with pictures.

Step 1:

Open site.

Step 2:

Enter the email-id where you wish to send anonymous email. Eg: OR etc....

Step 3:

Enter Subject of the e-mail in one word.

Step 4:

Write your message and please note it should be longer than 500 characters.

Step 5:

Enter the Verification code, make sure it should not be a wrong code.

Step 6:

Finally hit the send button below the Verification code text box to send your anonymous email.

Please Note:You are not allowed to use the service for any illegal activities.

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