How to send picture to facebook from your phone?

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Have you ever wondered how closely Facebook as well as phones and photos are integrated? The truth is that most of the credit goes to Facebook and all those smartphone manufacturers who have made this dream come true for many!!

By following some of the easiest steps, all of the users across the world including the one who is reading this article can upload their photos on to Facebook through the mobile phone or smartphone that you have. One of the most user friendly benefit that come with Facebook is that you can access it from a phone or a tablet and computers irrespective of the platforms it is working with.

How to send picture to facebook from your phone?

Sharing your photos with friends gives you a pleasant feeling when you receive comments from your friends and your closed ones regarding the photos that you have uploaded. You can even send text messages replying to the comment they have sent you after seeing the images you have uploaded.

It is not at all necessary that users will have to send their own images; they can even send the images of their family that may include their children playing around! Such a wonderful moment captured and uploaded on Facebook! It is for sure make you happier.

How to send picture to facebook from your phone?

Now let’s take a close look at the procedure to upload the images to the Facebook from your phone.

If the user is having a basic mobile phone with a camera,

  • Set up it with Facebook.

  • Log in to the Facebook.

  • Then Click Account.

  • Then select Account Settings.

  • Click the Mobile Tab.

  • Users will have to select the Country.

  • Enter the details of the mobile phone carrier.

  • Users will receive an Activation Code from Facebook as a text message.

  • The code has to be entered correctly in the dialog box that is present in the computer.

  • Now the users can send their images from phones with the help of MMS to the corresponding e-mail address.

  • The e-mail address is given by

As far as smartphones are concerned; the users have to download the Facebook app.

How to send picture to facebook from your phone?

More than that the app also offers functions such as status updates and notifications. Once you install the Facebook app, you can take a picture from the smartphones camera.

After taking the photo, once the image appears

  • An option allowing you to share the picture directly to Facebook.

  • Users can also add a caption to that image.

  • With the help of certain apps, users can even involve the name of the person in the photograph.

Another way in order to upload the photos in Facebook is by sending the e-mails with image attachments. The following steps have to be followed.

  • Click

  • Click Upload via e-mail address.

This e-mail address is purely meant for use in Facebook. The truth is that privacy has to be maintained so the e-mail address has to be confidential.

  • The e-mail address has to be saved to your contacts.

  • Now the users can take photos and can share it by means of a new e-mail.

  • The images can be sent to the user’s personalized Facebook address. And now the users can see their images popped up in the mobile uploads as well as in the status updates.

These are the commonly used procedures in order to send images to Facebook from your phone.

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