How to set up a good selling online magazine - Part 1?

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Gone are the days when users used to buy a magazine from a retail shop to read the subject of their choice. But now the print magazines are a rarity with more businesses regarding the magazine publications now moving on to online magazines.

Online Magazine is defined as an internet based information website that will be mainly focused on a well-defined topic.

Mostly the online magazines focus on two sectors. They are

  • Business Sectors

  • Consumer Sectors

As far as the traditional magazine method is concerned, they mainly deal with a combination of news, opinion, reviews as well as interviews etc.

How to set up a good selling online magazine - Part 1?

There are several reasons for the boom that is happening in online magazine publishing;

  • Minimal technical knowledge required for making use of the online publishing tools

  • Realizing the fact that any user with an expertise in a specific subject can make money online

  • Path breaking improvements happening in the search technology

  • Direct connection between the content developers and the audiences

  • Flexible design interface

  • Effective processing of the payments

  • Flexibility in adding new features and functionalities

The three main categories that have to be followed while setting up an online magazine start-up check-list include;

  • Planning

  • Designing website

  • Building website

  • Launching website

How to set up a good selling online magazine - Part 1?



  • Selecting a topic that will suit you

  • Do a research about the competition that is existing in that area

  • Choose a business name

  • Purchase a domain name

  • Settle on the ways in which your online magazine is capable of making money

  • Users will then have to generate a business plan

  • Develop a content plan

  • Users will then have to write the background pages that denotes content

  • Users can now create the primary articles

Designing website

  • Draft the outline

  • Sketch the routing

  • Craft a Design

How to set up a good selling online magazine - Part 1?

Building website

  • Be acquainted with the policy that has to be used

  • Indicate the website functionality

  • The design should be added to the platform

  • Ensure that the background content is also added

  • Then the users will have to add their foremost articles

  • Put into practice the payment processing

  • Finally incorporate any supplementary functionality

Launching website

  • Experiment all the links

  • Then the users will have to experiment the payment processing functionality

  • Users will then have to check the payment as well as restoration procedure

  • Finally the user’s online magazine can go Live

There by following the above mentioned procedures, users will be able to set up a good online magazine that is helpful to the society as well as can successfully generate money for the user.

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