How to set up multiple profiles in Google chrome?

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Google Chrome supports a number of features.But syncing has not yet formed a part of it.Google has now developed a new feature that helps in managing multiple accounts more efficiently.

How to set up multiple profiles in Google chrome?


Multiple user support is almost similar to that of Sync feature in chrome. It is a kind of paired feature. The sync feature helps the user to keep access to themes, bookmarks, history and preferences. Separate Google profiles can be maintained without logging out of the operating system. Multi-user also helps in sharing a computer. It is very advantageous for small businesses and households. It is beneficial for those people who want to maintain more than one Google or Gmail account. The process of creating the multiple profiles in Google is explained as follows.

Step 1: A new profile should be created by logging to the Wrench menu's new "Sign into Chrome" option. You can see your account listed as "Signed in as..." If you're already a user of Chrome's sync.

Step2: A new Chrome window will open by going back to the Wrench and choosing options on a Mac followed by giving a tap on the “Add new user”.

Step3: The Google account can be associated with the profile by repeating the “Sign into Chrome” procedure.



Step 4: Now you can manage two accounts without crossing the Google streams from the same browser.

The user can also customize the icon as well as the name of the profile. Some of the icons have been added by the Google such as a ninja, an alien, a flower etc. Using the left side of the tab bar the user can jump between the accounts once it is created.



The multiuser profiles are not projected to secure the private data of the user. If you log into chrome with multiple profiles, any other user with a key board and a mouse can snoop on your profiles and are thus able to retrieve the personal stuff from them.

In multiuser accounts there is no need to re-enter the passwords before every opening of the second profile. It is convenient if the computer is used only by a particular person. The new multi profile is a small pace to make the user a happier Googler, if the addiction for the services offered by the Google is large and owns multiple accounts.

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