How to set up parental control on iPhone?

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The kids of this generation seem to be more advanced than what we were in our childhood. With more and more kids increasingly becoming addicted to the world of computers and smartphones, technology seems to be an inevitable part of their daily lives. The fact is that kids nowadays are expecting an iPod or iPhone in place of toys as a gift for their birthday!

 There seems to be the need for parental controls on the iphones as well as iPods at a time when they are grooming their kids in to responsible individuals. Apple has this foresight and provides the choice of parental controls over their iphones as well as iPods. The feature is helpful for all those parents to keep restrictions on their kids to a greater extent as far as the usage of iphones is concerned.

 Enable Restrictions

 This can be considered as one of the best ways in order to keep a parental control on your kids. The feature is all about entering a PIN number that you can keep as a secret. The following steps have to be followed in order to enable restrictions.

  • Click on to the Settings icon that is present in your Apple based iOS device

  • Then select General

  • Then again click on Restrictions

  • Now choose ‘Enable Restrictions’

  • Users now will be prompted to enter a PIN number that they would like to keep as a secret

  • The corresponding secret PIN number can be used for any future modifications

Set Content Limits

 Apple has also allowed the users to set certain content limits for their kids. The TV content levels that can be set include TV-Y, TV-PG, and TV-14 etc. If the user wants to change the permitted content levels, then the users will have to select ‘Music & Pod casts’, ‘Movies’ as well as ‘Apps’ in the ‘Allowed Content Section’.

 Disable Installing Apps

 If the user as parents of their kids wants to prevent the installation of apps that they think is not desirable, the users can very well turn the ‘Installing Apps’ option to the OFF position. Parents can enable it by entering the secret PIN number and turning it ON.

Disabling Apps

  • Go to the Restrictions page

  • Search for the ‘Allow’ tab

  • Decide whether you want to restrict the access of certain apps such as You Tube


  • If the user wants to restrict the access of these apps to their kids, then turn the corresponding switches to the OFF position

  • Users can also disable the ‘Location Reporting’ feature if the user wants to protect their child from publishing the current location on apps like Facebook

This is how the users can set up parental controls on their iphone.

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