How to set up WiFi sync on iPad?

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The introduction of WiFi sync on iPad has paved the way for the elimination of the physical need to connect the user’s iOS device to their Mac or personal computer for syncing its content to the iTunes.


From now on, users will just have to be on the same Wi-Fi networks for the iTunes to identify the user’s device and starting the syncing process.

How to set up WiFi sync on iPad?


iTunes is considered to be one of the most popular media player which is a computer program that is used extensively for playing, downloading, saving as well as organizing of the music and video files on the users desktop as well as laptop computers.


Now let’s take a detailed look on this topic.


Basic Requirements

  • Users will have to ensure that they are running iTunes 10.5

  • Users will also have to ensure that they have successfully installed iOS5


The below mentioned steps has to be followed for setting up the Wi-Fi sync on iPad.

  • Connect the iPad to Mac or Personal Computer via USB

  • Then the users will have to click on the device name that is denoted in the left side of the iTunes

  • Select Summary from the menu items


  • Scroll down until the user sees the Options tab

  • Now checkmark the option that denotes ‘Sync this iPad over Wi-Fi’

  • Then finally click on the ‘Apply’ button that is denoted on the bottom right corner of the page

  • Disconnect the Device

  • When the user plug in the device next time, the users can see that iTunes will prompt for a sync over the user’s Wi-Fi network

  • It has to be noted that iTunes has to be running while the user plug-in their iOS handset

  • Click on the Sync button

  • Now the users can see that their iOS device will start syncing without connecting to a power outlet



  • Users can also sync their iOS device from their personal computer or Mac even without the device plugged in

  • Users will have to make sure whether they have installed any new apps ever since the last sync happened

  • If yes, users will see a Sync button in the Summary Page that is denoted on the bottom-right corner in the iTunes

  • If there is nothing that has changed, then the users will be able to see only Revert as well as Apply buttons over there

  • Finally users will have to tap the Sync button

  • And the users can see that iTunes have started syncing with the device no matter whether it is plugged in or not


This is how users can perform Wi-Fi Sync on their iPad.

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