How to set up Wikitude and connect with Blackberry Messenger

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With the release of BlackBerry 7 OS in August 2011, it immediately became popular. So did all the applications that were pre installed in the OS, most notably the Wikitude. Using the Wikitude, you will be able to see places and points of interest in your surroundings through the field of vision of the handset’s camera. You will also be able to see the contacts in your BlackBerry Messenger, that is, if the contacts permit it.

How to set up Wikitude and connect with Blackberry Messenger

Wikitude recently got a lot of updates from RIM. One of the updates is Wikitude’s compatibility with certain handsets running in BlackBerry 6 operating system. As BlackBerry OS lacks compass, you won’t be able to use the Augmented Reality mode of Wikitude in the smartphones.

Here are the instructions to install Wikitude in BlackBerry 6 OS smartphones and connect with BlackBerry messenger.

Note: The BBM connection with Wikitude allows you to scan and find your BBM contacts in the surroundings and chat with them.

  • In your smartphone running in BlackBerry 6 OS, run BlackBerry App World and search for “ Wikitude for OS6”

  • Review the requirements of the Wikitude for OS 6 before installing, in the desktop storefront page of BB App World

  • After installation, run and open Wikitude by selecting the icon in the Applications folder or in the home screen

  • You will be able to see a prompt which asks you how to connect to BBM, when Wikitude opens

[Note: You can choose one from any three of the following settings to control your appearance in Wikitude.

  • Invisible (Grey) – No one will be able to see your BBM information, which won’t be shared as well

  • Contacts (Blue) – Every contact in your BBM Address book will be able to see you

  • Public (Green) – Every BBM user can see you

After choosing a setting, you can customize your BBM profile, display name, BBM Status message, BBM Avatar and interact and share with other BBM users. ]

  • Choose a setting and then connect to Wikitude to view other people who are connected in BBM, who may be those in your contacts or other BBM users

  • Access Wikitude Settings with the menu key to make changes in the settings

  • After customizing BBM settings, you will see the Wikitude Home screen with icons that are points of interests, which are termed as Worlds

  • Tap Browse Worlds icon to add or remove World

  • Tap on the World to start exploring


How to set up Wikitude and connect with Blackberry Messenger

  • If your smartphone has compass, you will see a prompt for compass calibration

  • Follow the directions and move the smartphone in many directions, till it vibrates indicating successful compass calibration


How to set up Wikitude and connect with Blackberry Messenger

  • After calibration, Wikitude shows all of your BBM contacts who wish to be visible

It is done. You have set up Wikitude and connected to Blackberry Messenger in OS 6 version.

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