How to setup a Wi-Fi Hotspot in Windows 10: 5 easy steps

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Do you want to share your laptop broadband connection to rest of your devices? Then the best solution would be buying a Wi-Fi Router. But in case you aren't interested to spend few more of your hard earned money on a Router, here's an easy turn around.

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You just require to setup your laptop as a Wi-Fi router itself - technically called Wi-Fi Hotspot. Here are 5 easy steps to setup a Wi-Fi Hotspot using an app called VirtualRouter app.

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Install VirtualRouter App

Download and install the app from the VirtualRouter website. The app is available for free and can be installed in a few steps. Follow setup instructions on screen to install apps.

Install .NET 3.6 SP1

On opening the VirtualRouter App you will be faced with a message stating that you need to install .NET 3.6 SP1. The link will provided in the dialogue box. On clicking the link you will be redirected to a Microsoft .NET download website. Click on the .NET 3.6 SP1 and download the .exe installer.

Set Up Wi-Fi Hotspot

After opening the VirtualRouter App, you will be faced with a dialogue box where you will be required to add SSD Link name and password. In my case it is named Sayan_Gizbot and the Password is OneIndiaNews. Further there is an option of setting up a either your Wi-Fi or direct Broadband connection as a Hotspot.

Start VirtualRouter

It's the simplest step in the process! Just click ‘Start Virtual Router'.

Connect from a Secondary Device

In case you are acquainted with using Wi-Fi networks connecting to your Hotspot won't be an issue. Simply go to the settings option of the device, and then Wi-Fi Networks. In the available networks sections connect to the Wi-Fi network you just created. In my case it's called Sayan_Gizbot.


Setting up a WiFi Hotspot may be pretty easy with almost no extra money spent, but it comes with it set of cons.

  • Always keep your laptop/PC turned on - the one you have setup up as a host of the Wi-Fi Hotspot. This is in contrary to a router. In case you buy a new Wi-Fi router you can enjoy the internet in all your smart devices, by just switching on the router.
  • Secondly keeping your laptop always turned on a Hotspot takes toll on its battery life.
  • Range: The Hotspot created using your laptop Wi-Fi will have lesser range as covered to a Generic Router.

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