How to share large files online without email

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It is possible with the help of applications like Google Docs as well as Drop Box and to stop with is Sky Drive to share large files online without e-mail. It is not necessary that the person at the other end can receive large files through e-mail since it has its own memory storage capacity and can’t accept the files that extend the specified limit. The best among the online sharing of large files are:

  • Drop Box

  • Google Docs

  • Sky Drive

Drop Box: Drop Box is one of the most popular among the online sharing applications for large files. The greatest advantage is that files of up to 2GB can be accommodated in the Drop Box. The following steps have to be carried out to share large files using Drop Box.

  • Download the Drop Box utility.

  • Install the Drop Box utility on your Windows, Mac or Linux desktop.

  • Upload files of any size in to the corresponding Drop Box storage that is around 2GB.

  • You can also upload files straight to the Dropbox website from your corresponding browser at a maximum limit of 300 MB per file.


How to share large files online without email

 Google Docs: Google Docs is also one of the most popular online file sharing applications and it is commonly used. Google Docs comes embedded for the users who have a Gmail account. The advantages of the Google Docs include:

  • Uploading of files of up to 250MB in size.

  • Google Docs also comes with 1GB of free storage space.

  • The free storage space is mainly used for the storage of non-office files.

  • If you are ready to spend small amount of money for subscription. You will also receive more space than the standard Google Docs storage space.

How to share large files online without email

The disadvantage of Google Docs as well as Drop Box is that the downloads can’t be resumed, which means that if any kind of interruptions takes place while downloading huge files, everything has to be started again from the scratch. And that can be a real time consuming process.

Sky Drive: Sky Drive is considered to be one of the best alternatives as far as the problem that is encountering in Google Docs as well as Drop Box is concerned. It is part of the popular Windows Family. The main features that are present in Sky Drive are as follows:

  • Sky drive comes with 25GB of internal storage capacity which is absolutely mind-blowing.

  • The individual file capacity is limited to 50MB.

How to share large files online without email

The file uploading process in Sky Drive is quite simple.

  • Break the large file in to 50MB divisions of files each.

  • Upload all of them together to a single folder on the Sky Drive.

  • The corresponding recipient will have to download the files that are present in the single folder as a ZIP.

  • Or else the person who is receiving the large files can download them one by one and can join them together at the end by combining it in to a single folder.

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