How to speed up Windows 7?

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Windows 7 is considered to be one of the most popular operating system that comes with improved performance as well as efficiency levels. But that doesn’t mean that the operating system does not get interrupted with slower performance at times. The situation usually occurs because of the prolonged use of the computer that makes use of Windows 7 operating system.

How to speed up Windows 7?

Here are some ways in which users can speed up their Windows 7 operating system.

Making use of ReadyBoost

ReadyBoost feature has been introduced by Microsoft for both Windows Vista as well as Windows 7 operating system. This feature enables the users to make use of a USB memory card. The USB memory card can be used as a secondary storage cache.

  • Insert USB memory card

  • Windows will prompt the user with a message displaying whether they want to utilize the ReadyBoost

  • Enter the size specification

  • Then enter the style

  • Click ‘Save’

In case the ‘AutoPlay’ is not enabled, then the users will have to undergo the following steps.

  • Open Computer

  • Users will then have to right-click the ‘Detachable storage device’

  • Select ‘Properties’

How to speed up Windows 7?

  • Users can now see the ‘ReadyBoost; option there if the drive is compatible

  • Select ReadyBoost

  • Then click ‘Use this device’

  • Users will then have to set the amount of space for ReadyBoost system file

  • Then finally click OK

It’s for sure that ReadyBoost feature will overcome the slower personal computer problem.

Visual Effects Modification

Users can very well improve the speed of their slower personal computer by means of reducing the visual effects.

  • Go to Control Panel

  • Then click Performance

  • Then the users will have to select ‘Modify the appearance and performance of Microsoft Windows with the system category within the results’

  • Users can now see that many windows will pop up

  • Users will have to choose either ‘the Adjust for best performance alternative’

  • Or else the users will have to pick the items of their own choice and convenience

Index Options Adjustment

Indexing is one of the most sought after features that are meant to search the items within the Windows 7 computer.

  • Go to Control Panel

  • Then search for Indexing option

  • Then users will have to select the Indexing Options

  • Select Modify

  • Users will have a new window popped up on the screen of their computer

  • Ensure that the button is enabled

How to speed up Windows 7?

  • Then select ‘Show all locations’

  • Uncheck the boxes for the locations that the users rarely searches for items or files

  • Finally click OK

These are some of the ways through which users can speed up their Windows 7 personal computer.

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