How to split large MP3 files with iTunes?

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Music has become an integral part of people’s everyday lives. One of the key challenges with music files is always large size associated with it. The fact is that there are certain techniques in which the users can split the large MP3 files so that it could fit on an audio CD as well as the splitting also helps in the cutting of a particular part of song so that the users can make it their ring tone.


iTunes is considered to be a standard MP3 player that can be used with both the Mac as well as personal computers. Let’s take a close look of the techniques that can be used for splitting the large MP3 files.


How to split large MP3 files with iTunes?


The corresponding steps have to be followed for splitting up of the large MP3 files:

  • Download iTunes first.

  • Install iTunes by following the instructions that are displayed in the screen.

  • Open iTunes once the installation is complete.

  • Users will have to drag the MP3 file of your choice to the iTunes library.

  • Click the tab named “File” at the top of the iTunes screen.

  • Click the option named “Add to library”.

  • Locate the desired MP3 file of your choice.

  • Click Open.

  • Then Click iTunes that are present at the top of the screen.

  • Select the option named “Preferences’.

  • Select “Import settings” option.



  • A new menu will be displayed in which the users will have to click the “Import Using” icon.

  • Choose MP3 encoder.

  • Click OK twice and then exit.

  • In iTunes, users will have to right click the MP3 option.

  • Click Create MP3 version.

  • Do the above mentioned procedure twice.

  • Right click the first copied MP3 file.

  • Click Get Info option.

  • Click the Options tab.

  • Enable the Start time by clicking the respective box.

  • Enable the Stop time by clicking the respective box.



  • Now the user will have to enter the appropriate stop time.

  • Click OK for exit back to the iTunes library.

  • The file will be cut off at the time that the user has entered.

  • Now the Second copied MP3 file has to be right-clicked.

  • Click Get Info option again.

  • Select the Options Tab.

  • The new start time will be represented as the first MP3s stop time.

  • Click OK.


This is how the users can split large MP3 files with the help of iTunes in to smaller ones.

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