How to stream TV and movies using android apps?

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One of the main reasons for the immense success of Android operating system is the amazing apps that are available in the Android market for download. Here is a list of some of the best-known android based TV and video streaming apps that are available in android store.


Giant Bomb Beta


How to stream TV and movies using android apps?


  • Huge database of gaming news, reviews as well as videos

  • Considered to be one of the most sought after android apps in the Android market

  • Free App


VLC Stream and Convert

  • Enhances the users with the power of VLC media player onto the android phone

  • Free app

  • Difficult to establish a connection


YouTube Mobile


  • This provides a repository from YouTube, one of the most popular online video source

  • Users can watch their videos streamed in Flash-free HTML5 format

  • Users can even pick the videos with higher quality




  • Better alternative for Flash

  • If the user finds that their YouTube links are getting automatically loaded in to the YouTube app, then users will have to;

    • Click Settings

    • Select Applications

    • Click on the YouTube app

    • Finally press the ‘Clear Defaults’ button


  • The app is available for free download


  • The app is developed by CBS Interactive

  • The app allows the users to watch television on their android phone

  • Users can even watch their favorite episodes in the programs for free

  • The app is considered to be absolutely amazing if you are the user who doesn’t have a TV near you

  • The app is available for free download from the Android Market


TV Show Stream

  • With the help of this app, users can watch complete TV shows on their respective android devices and that too in High definition




  • Search results are displayed in an understandable format

  • Does not require the streaming of videos over the internet


Mother TED

  • Users can enjoy inspirational TED videos by means of using this app

  • TED videos can be classified based on the themes, talks as well as tags

  • The app is available for free download


These are some of the commonly available apps for TV as well as video streaming that the users can enjoy in their specified android device.

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