How to stream video from Android device to PC?

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You may be a proud owner of a device running in Android Operating system and you might have a lot of great videos and pictures that you would like to show a lot of people.

Instead of running the videos and photos in your small screen, you can easily stream them to a PC, that is, in a larger screen which can be viewed by you and the people in front of the screen pretty clearly, much better than being viewed in a small screen, even if it’s a 4 inch screen.

You do have the usual wiring choice, in which you connect your handset to the pc and viewing them directly or after copying them to the pc. One other choice is using the Bluetooth to transfer the files and then view them. Here’s another method. Here you are going to need a wireless router. Follow these steps:

  • Download an app called VLC Direct from Android market for free.

    Install VLC Media Player in your pc

 How to stream video from Android device to PC?

  • Connect the Android handset to your PC via a wireless router

  • Run VLC Direct in your handset and configure it.

  • Either use your PC for viewing or connect it to a bigger TV if you can

  • Open VLC Player and click on the View tab

  • Select Add Interface and click on Web Interface

  • Now on VLC Direct in your mobile, select Start. The device will then scan for a VLC Player via the router and eventually will give you a message that it has found the VLC Player in your PC in the local network

  • With the connection established, you will be able to see all the videos in a playlist in your handset device.

 How to stream video from Android device to PC?

  • Sit back, scroll and select the videos you want to watch on TV and control the Volume and playback using the handset as a remote control.

 How to stream video from Android device to PC?

This is absolutely easy and quite fun. But without a Wireless router, your handset won’t be able to set up a connection with the PC. VLC Direct is a great app with lots of buttons that would be helpful in navigating and managing the playback of the video. If it’s a full HD video, then you are going to have a great time watching it in a big screen, by controlling it with your phone.

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