How to take control of your iOS 5 device fully?

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Jailbreaking is considered to be an illegal process of downloading and installing unapproved apps on Apple based iOS devices. If users continue to break the restrictions imposed by Apple by installing unapproved apps, then that means that the warranty they provide will become void. So as a user if you are not concerned about warranty becoming void, then you can very well go ahead on your own.

And Apple won’t be responsible for any consequences that happen to any of your Apple device. It is always preferable for any users including the one who is reading this article to think twice before you take the decision of Jailbreaking. At times, the iOS5 device may fully become non-functional after jail breaking. There are even situations in which some of the apps won’t work after jail breaking.

So are you really concerned about any potential damage for the device and also about warranty? Then it is certainly not meant for you. But for the one who has the mindset to go it alone by trying newer apps can certainly go ahead reading this article!

How to take control of your iOS 5 device fully?

If you think that some of your apps don’t work after Jailbreaking, it is always preferable that users should do the following methods such as

  • Hard Reset.

  • Back Up to the iTunes as well as iCloud which will keep the apps safe even if something happens to the iOS5 device.

Most of the users will be surprised to know that Jailbreaking is such a simple and easier process.

  • Go to from the safari browser in your mobile.

  • Press the FREE button that is present under Cydia.

  • Click the Install button.

  • Cydia will get installed by Jailbreaking your iOS5 device.

How to take control of your iOS 5 device fully?

There is also another method which will help you to take full control of your iOS5 device with the help of Jailbreaking. It is the RedsnOw method. The steps include

  • You will have to connect your Apple iOS5 device to the corresponding personal computer.

  • Install RedsnOw on your personal computer.

  • Then you will have to click on ‘patch’.

  • Patching is mainly done in order to enhance the iOS5 device to accept the Cydia Store app.

  • Multi function gesture functionality can also be added.

  • Then go to DFU reset mode.

  • After that you will have to reboot your Apple iOS5 device.

  • One of the most important functions takes place when RedsnOw uses a utility known as Lime Rain in order to jailbreak your iOS5 device.

  • Then it installs Cydia in your iOS5 device.

  • Users will have to make sure that they don’t touch any button especially at the time of Cydia installation.

  • After the installation is finished, users will have to exit.

  • Now you will have to turn off your iOS5 device.

How to take control of your iOS 5 device fully?

Come back to the RedsnOw desktop utility

  • There you can find an option titled ‘just boot’ and select it.

  • Turn on your iOS5 device by entering in DFU mode.

  • Jailbreaking is successfully done.

  • Now the users can reboot the device.

With Jailbreaking, users can successfully take control of their iOS5 device completely. Only thing users will have to make sure before going for Jailbreaking is that the warranty getting void as well as the restrictions that will be imposed on your iOS5 device when Apple update occurs.

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