How to test random access memory in computer?

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The exact space available in the computer and the need for memory updates can be known by testing the RAM. If you have installed new applications on your computer, then it is compulsory that the RAM should be tested regularly. The procedure for testing the RAM on your computer is explained below. The laptop and desktop PC makers usually provide preinstalled facilities such as memory test.


The RAM tester that runs under windows is known as MemTest. It helps the user to verify the computer whether it can reliably store as well as retrieve data from memory. A computer that is functioning properly must be able to do it with 100 percent accuracy. A computer cannot carry out these tests due to the old hardware, poorly configured hardware and usually crashes quite often.


The functioning of the computer can be tested by running MemTest. It is very necessary to conduct this test when you buy a new computer, install new RAM or change the configuration of the machine. The process for testing the computer RAM using MemTest is as explained below.

  • In order to test the RAM using MemTest, the user has to download it first.

  • Decide whether you have to download the ISO image to create a CD/DVD. Otherwise a bootable USB flash drive can be created by downloading the auto-installer.

  • If you want to create MemTest CD or DVD, the downloaded ISO file has to be unzipped first. Now you can use ISO burning program to create the disc. Using windows 7, you can create the disc by right clicking on the ISO and select the “Burn Disc Image” option.

How to test random access memory in computer?

  • Run the auto-installer and follow the instructions so as to create a bootable MemTest USB flash drive. Use a blank flash drive otherwise it will erase all the files on the drive.
  • In order to run the MemTest, start the computer with the bootable media inserted. The test will start automatically.

  • Set the boot order of the system’s BIOS to optical drive or USB flash drive.

  • If the user has more than one memory module, then test one module at a time with the aid of the same DIMM slot on the motherboard. This helps in isolating the faulty module.

  • MemTest conducts eight different tests. It usually takes hours to complete, depending on the size of the RAM.

  • A test that has been completed successfully will not report any errors. But a failed test reports error in columns.

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