How to track Gmail and Yahoo account activity?

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There was a time when most of the hackers involved in taking your password and changing it making your account inaccessible to you. But now with the introduction of advanced security features like alternate e-mail as well as two step verification method, users are now able to easily re-set their e-mail password in case it is stolen. So with that, now the hackers don’t change your password, instead they will silently gather the financial information of the user.


Checking Hacker Activity on Yahoo Account

How to track Gmail and Yahoo account activity?


Yahoo provides users with provisions to track the users past login details with IP address as well as location.

  • Login to the yahoo account with your login credentials

  • Now click the down arrow under the option ‘Hi, your name’ that is represented at the top left corner

  • Then users will have to click on the ‘Account Info’ from the range of options provided

  • In the new window that pops-up, users will have to click on the option that denotes ‘View your recent sign-in activity’

  • Yahoo will now provide a list of the past login activity for their account

  • The displayed information includes;

    • Date/Time

    • Access type

    • Event

    • Location

    • IP Address


For viewing more records than the default limit of 10, users are advised to click on the ‘See More Link’. Now the users can take a note of any suspicious activity on their account. If they see one, they can immediately change their password.


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  • Login to Gmail

  • Now the users will have to scroll down towards the bottom and click on the option that denotes ‘Last account activity’

  • Users will then have to select the link that denotes ‘Details’

  • Selecting of the link results in the popping up of a window that shows details of the past 10 login activity

  • The data contained in it provides information about the access type, location, IP Address as well as the time of login



  • One of the interesting features in Google includes the presence of an automatic alert feature that is capable of detecting any suspicious activity on the user’s account

  • For disabling the alert option, users will have to click on the ‘Change’ link for the ‘Alert Preference’

  • Users are also provided with an option of signing out from all the sessions that are open if the user wishes to undergo a login re-boot


This is how the users track their Gmail as well as Yahoo account activity

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