How to track stolen laptop with Prey?

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Laptop is on its way to replace the personal computer mainly taking in to consideration the user-friendly features as well as easy portability that this device comes with. Users can use wireless internet connectivity with the help of a laptop. The users can also carry the laptop to any location they wish due to its light weight.

The laptop also helps in easier transfer of files and data. The touchpad helps the users with greater ease by eliminating the need of using a mouse for navigation from one location to another.

How to track stolen laptop with Prey?

Taking in to consideration these advantages, it can prove to be a very costly affair in case the user loses their laptop. The stress that is caused by the loss of critical information and data is very painful. Another major disadvantage is that the laptops can be easily stolen since it is lighter in weight.

Now the users can very well have a sigh of relief with the introduction of the Laptop tracking software. The popular laptop tracking software named Prey software is considered to be a digital weapon that can easily track down the laptops that are stolen. The Prey software can be downloaded free of cost.

The following steps have to be followed in installing and making use of the Prey software.

  • Download Prey

  • Install Prey in either Guest account or the users Administrator account

For creating the guest account, users will have to follow the below mentioned steps that includes;

  • Click Start on the left side of the screen

  • Right-click the Computer option

  • Click the ‘Manage’ tab

  • In Manage, right-click the ‘Local Users’ tab

  • Then click the ‘Groups’ tab

  • At the end of installation, select ‘Configure Prey Now’

  • Finally Click ’Finish’

  • ‘Prey Configurator’ dialog box appears on the screen

  • Click ‘OK’

  • Users can now see a Prey Configurator Welcome Screen

  • Out of the three options provided with radio buttons, users will have to select the first option that denotes ‘Set Up Reporting Method’

  • Check the radio box that denotes ‘Set Up Reporting Method’ and then click ‘Next’

  • Then select ‘Prey + Control Panel Recommended’

  • From this option, choose ‘ New User’ if you are a new user as well as users will have to choose ‘Existing User’ if the user is already a member

  • Users will have to then fill up the form

  • Choose ‘Portable’ or ‘Desktop’ as per the device that the user is making use of and then click ‘Create’

  • Click the configuration link from the e-mail address in order to confirm the sign-up

Now the users will have to undergo mainly two configuration settings;

Setting 1

  • Go to Start

  • Click ‘All Programs’

  • Then Click Prey

  • Then again click ‘Configure Prey’

  • From that option, select the second one that is titled ‘Manage Prey Setting’

  • Click Next

  • Check mark ‘Wi-Fi autoconnect’

  • Check mark ‘Enable guest account’

  • Check mark ‘Extended headers’

  • Then finally click ‘Apply’

How to track stolen laptop with Prey?

Setting 2

  • Click ‘Start’

  • Click ‘All Programs’

  • Select ‘Prey’

  • Select ‘Configure Prey’

  • Now the users will have to select the third option titled ‘Option for Execution’

  • Click ‘Run as Windows Service’

  • Users can manually set the ‘Frequency of Reports and Actions’ accordingly as per their requirements

How to track stolen laptop with Prey?

Getting Live Reports Once Laptop Is Stolen

  • Once the laptop is stolen, the users can directly go to the Prey Control Panel Link

  • Enter the User Name

  • Enter the Password

  • Log In

  • On the top left side, users can see the ‘Settings’ option

  • Set the ‘Device is marked as missing’ which helps the users in receiving the Live tracking reports

Once the set up is completed, the Prey software will begin keeping track of the lost laptop by managing the following functions that includes;

  • Geo-location Tracking

  • Tracks the webcam activity

  • Provides the Networking based information

  • Programs the thief uses

This is how the users can keep a live track on their stolen laptops by making use of Prey Software.


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