How to track Wikipedia activity in real-time?

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Wikipedia is a free online multilingual encyclopedia with over more than 20 million articles provided by a huge number of volunteers from all over the World. Information on almost everything you want to know can be found in Wikipedia, including famous people, places, cultures and lots more.

But not all information in Wikipedia is correct. So Wikipedia is constantly edited, modified and deleted very often. How can we make sure that we know what is happening in Wikipedia on a real-time basis.

The solution which can help us here is the Wikistream, where you will be able to watch and understand what’s really happening in Wikipedia. To put it in a nutshell, what you can see in Wikistream are:

  • Watch every tweaks going on inside Wikipedia as and when it happens

  • Watch all updates on the page at a random order

  • Watch the updates at a global level or at any regional level

How to track Wikipedia activity in real-time?

The big deal is that not many people think about the stuff happening inside Wikipedia. The truth is that a lot of dedicated people continuously make updates, additions and deletions in Wikipedia. A lot of tweaks are being made in this very minute. Watch the rate of updates, additions etc in Wikipedia right in front of you using the Wikistream. Sometimes the updates go incredibly fast that you wouldn’t be able to read even one tweak completely.

Wikistream actually helps you understand the range of activities that are happening in Wikipedia. It will show you how amazingly fast things are being done in Wikipedia in each second!

How to track Wikipedia activity in real-time?

If some interesting updates show up in Wikipedia, you can pause the website updates by hitting the P button. Fortunately, Wikistream also has another big advantage. Reportedly, you will also be able to watch all the new additions in Wikipedia as well via the Wikistream. Basically Wikistream was created to let the World know of all the hard work behind Wikipedia, which makes it still a wonderful first hand information source in the Web world.

How to track Wikipedia activity in real-time?

Imagine this – Every topic you could think of has a lot of guys working their souls off to find all the information and update them in Wikipedia. Hopefully, this article would tempt you to visit Wikistream and see what’s going on in Wikipedia thereby reminding you about the volunteers who have contributed to success of Wikipedia.

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